SMS registration and FAQs

How do I register? 

Registering your numbers is quick and easy! Simply log in to your Nextiva account and complete the registration form. 

From the NextOS home page, select Administration from the menu at the top under your avatar. 

Under Communication, click Messaging > Register now. Enter the required information and click Submit

Got questions? We’re here to help! Check out the FAQs below for answers, or contact our Amazing Service team directly at 888-287-9457.

Who is required to register?

Due to recent industry regulations designed to reduce spam and unwanted text messages, all Nextiva account administrators are required to register all phone numbers used for texting.

Why do I need to do this?

Registering your numbers and staying compliant with the latest industry regulations helps ensure the deliverability of your text messages and helps prevent your caller ID from showing up as spam.

What if I don’t register my numbers? 

Failure to register will result in texting/SMS being disabled on your account. 

What is required to register? 

  • Company website
    • Your company’s website. If you don’t have a website, include a link to your company’s social media page or e-commerce store. 
  • Company Type
    • Select the company type that best describes your business.
      • Private Company: The company is owned by its founders, executive management, and private investors.
      • Public Company: Public stockholders and company personnel (e.g., founders, managers, employees) own shares through IPOs and purchases.
      • Non-Profit/Charity: An organization that does not distribute any of its income to its members, directors, or officers and exists for non-profit purposes.
      • Government Entity: These organizations have close ties with state and local governments, usually through government ownership or control.
  • Text messaging details
    • Tell us more about how you plan to use text messaging. 


  • Two-way conversation between company and customer, initiated/requested by the customer. (Internal texting also falls under this category.) Examples below: 
    • Texting will be used by representatives to provide customer support when asked.
    • Messaging will be used to answer consumer concerns about products and services.
    • Texting will be used internally and externally for more casual conversation. While typically initiated by the customer, employees may initiate for circumstantial reasons if given permission by the customer.


  • Customer gave their number to the company to contact them, and the message does not require a response from the customer. Examples below:
    • Texting will be used to update customers on their current service orders.
    • Text messaging will be used to inform customers of shipping notifications.


  • Customer signed up to receive marketing information or messages requiring a specific response/action. Examples below:
    • This number will be used to request feedback via SMS messaging for experience with the delivery process.
    • Text messaging will be used for customer care and marketing promotions.
    • This campaign will be used to confirm appointments. The customer will need to reply Y or N to confirm.
    • Tell us about your company’s process for obtaining customer phone numbers and how these numbers have consented to receive texts. It is required to obtain consent based on the type of interaction between your business and the customer. These requirements vary depending on the purpose of the SMS exchange between your business and the customer. Consent can be obtained using one of the below options:


  • Consumers can opt-in over the phone or in person. To collect consent verbally, you’ll need a tracking system to show how and when they provided consent. 
    • Example: Consent and the number will be obtained virtually. Support representatives will ask the customer if they would like to opt in for updates. Their verbiage includes the following script: “Would you like to receive text messages concerning any updates to your tracking information from ________? Frequency may vary, and message and data rates may apply. You can reply STOP to opt-out or call __________ for additional information. You can also find our privacy policy and terms of service on our website at ____________.”

Website form

  • Consumers can opt-in for text messaging by filling out a form on your website. 
    • Example: Consent and the phone number is obtained via a written form found at ________. The form is sent to our customer management database and recorded.

Paper form

  • SMS opt-in is collected in written form. There must be an explicit opt-in message on the form.
    • Example: Consent is obtained via a mailing letter. The customer would opt-in by signing and mailing the form in the provided prepaid envelope. A virtual copy of the mailer can be found here __________.

Customer initiated text

  • The consumer must initiate the text message. This means the consumer texts your business first. You should include SMS disclaimers wherever you encourage contacts to message you first or include the disclaimers in your response.
    • Example: Consent is obtained via a customer-initiated text. The phone number is listed on our website here _____. The Op-in disclaimers are listed directly below the phone number in clear view.

Mobile QR code

  • The consumer must scan a mobile QR code. This code can initiate a text message or add their contact number to a list. Include any disclaimers under your QR code. 
    • Example: Consent is obtained via a QR code. The code is listed on a flyer, and the virtual version can be found here ______. The QR code opens a website that has additional Opt-in consent. It can be found here ________.
  • Legal Company Name and Brand Name/DBA (Doing Business As).
    • Ensure your company’s legal or brand name is accurate and has the correct punctuation. If using a registered DBA, match the name to your website’s brand representation.  
  • Tax ID/EIN (Employer Identification Number)
    • Nine-digit tax identification number. For confirmation, request an SS-4 from the IRS.

What happens after I register?

The registration process typically takes between 5 to 20 business days. Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll receive a confirmation in your Nextiva admin portal.

While registration is being processed, you cannot send text messages.  

How can you check the status of the registration request?

Throughout the registration process, you can check the status of your request under Messaging in your Nextiva admin portal. Once registration is successfully completed, you’ll see the confirmation here. 

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact our Amazing Service team directly at 888-287-9457 or submit a case.

What are the messaging guidelines? 

Our messaging guidelines are built from the CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practices. Please refer to the CTIA guidelines for more details. Nextiva customers should take proactive steps to monitor and prevent unwanted message content, including but not limited to content that: 

  • Is unlawful, harmful, abusive, malicious, misleading, harassing, violent, obscene/illicit, or defamatory 
  • Is deceptive (e.g., phishing messages intended to access private or confidential information), including deceptive links 
  • Invades privacy 
  • Promotes illegal activity
  • Causes safety concerns 
  • Incites harm, discrimination, hate or violence 
  • Includes malware 
  • Threatens recipients or intended to intimidate 

What types of use cases are not allowed?

High-risk financial services

  • Payday loans 
  • Short term – high Interest loans 
  • Auto/mortgage/student loans
  • Debt collection 
  • Gambling/sweepstakes
  • Stock alerts 
  • Cryptocurrency

Get rich quick schemes

  • Deceptive work-from-home programs 
  • Risk investment opportunities
  • Multi-level marketing

Debt forgiveness

  • Debt consolidation 
  • Debt reduction
  • Credit repair programs  

Job postings

  • Exceptions permitted if the message sender is the one doing the hiring

Controlled substances

  • Cannabis, CBD & hemp products 
  • All schedule 1 & 2 drugs
  • Tobacco and vape

Other disallowed use cases

  • Phishing 
  • Pornography 
  • Profanity or hate speech 
  • Fraud or scam 
  • Deceptive marketing 
  • Lead generation (All affiliate marketing must be carrier approved) 
  • Referral or reseller campaign

Is there an appeal process if a request doesn’t get approved?

If the request is declined, there are detailed reasons provided. Once corrected, feel free to resubmit

What do I need to do if my request is declined?

Your request may be rejected or declined by the campaign registry if the details provided in the registration form do not match or if more information is required. For instance, if the tax ID in the form does not correspond to your business, if the website is invalid, or if there are discrepancies in other needed information. In such instances, you are required to submit the registration again.

What are the opt-in/opt-out disclaimer language requirements?

  • Opt-in language needs to include your Business name.
  • SMS Disclaimers (e.g., message and data rates may apply) must be included with the opt-in form or when you first text a customer.
  • Opt-out instructions and keywords need to be plainly visible.
  • Use cases must be disclosed to the consumer.
  • Help information and Terms and Privacy Policies need to be directly linked in the disclaimer.

Still have questions? Please contact our Amazing Service team directly at 888-287-9457 or submit a case.

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