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Area Codes 202, 301, and 703

Washington DC is unique as the capital city of the United States. It’s not located in any state but is instead listed as a “federal district.” It has an estimated population of 693,000 people and covers 68 square miles. The Washington DC area code is located on the east coast of the United States and is bordered by the states of Maryland and Virginia.

Washington DC became the capital of the United States in 1790 and is named after the first American president, George Washington. Congress officially settled into the city in 1800 and held their first session the city.

Washington DC grew in both importance and population during the Civil War and then the New Deal in the 1930’s led to major construction and growth in the area as well. It is the 20th largest city in the US and the Washington DC area code is widely recognized as one of the most important political cities in the world because it is home to the United States government.

The 202, 301, and 703
area codes are the places to be

There are two Fortune 500 companies in Washington DC. The first is Fannie Mae, which came in at #21 on the 2018 list, and the second is Danaher, which was ranked #162. In addition to these, area code 212, 301, and 703 is also home to two companies on the Fortune 1000 list. Carlyle Group was named #631 and WGL Holdings was #861. Some of the biggest employers in the Washington DC area code are the federal and local governments, MedStar Health, Marriott International, Inc., INOVA Health, Booz Allen Hamilton, the University of Maryland, and Giant Foods.

In Washington DC, the biggest industry is the government. Important buildings like the treasury, capital, and the White House are all located in the city. Area code 212, 301, and 703 also has many other significant institutions like the World Bank, non-profit organizations, think tanks, lobby groups, and more. Additionally, the city is home to world-class museums like the Smithsonian and is the location for the NASA Headquarters as well.

Washington DC has a higher than average unemployment rate, coming in at 6.1%. However, the city is predicting that they will experience over 41% in future job growth in the coming years. The average household income is $69,000, which is higher than the US average of $53,000, and 36% of the residents in area code 202, 301, and 703 make over $100,000 per year. The most common job in Washington DC is professional, scientific, technical services, followed closely by public administration. Educational services round out the top three.

Washington DC was listed at #17 on the Forbes list of “America’s Coolest Cities” in 2017. The Washington-Arlington-Alexandria area was also named #1 on their list of “America’s New Tech Hot Spots.” Some of the largest events in the city include the presidential inauguration every four years, the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the National Book Festival, and more.

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Washington DC is the heart of the United States, so area code 202, 301, and 703 are an asset to any business interested in growing in the US capital. Are you ready to get started? Nextiva VoIP services require zero extra equipment, so you can set up your Washington DC area code in no time. First, decide if you want to choose a new phone number or roll the area code onto your existing business phone. Second, answer calls to area code 202, 301, and 703 from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world. It’s that simple!

Nextiva is a leading digital phone system because every Washington DC area code also comes with additional perks. Explore call recording options, conference calling, and voicemail to email services to help you run your business better.

Then, upgrade your receptionist with the Nextiva Auto Attendant. The software system is designed to get every caller to the right extension in the minimal amount of time. It’s also useful because it gives a professional impression to every caller no matter how big or small your business is.

After your Washington DC area code is in place, stay organized with the NextOS software. The system keeps everything you need in one easy-to-access place, so you can stay in control no matter where in the world you’re working from.

With Nextiva, your business comes first and growth is our number one concern. So, we offer flexible upgrade opportunities to every company. No two businesses are alike, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have the freedom to expand at your own pace. Begin with area code 202, 301, and 703 and add more throughout the US with Nextiva by your side. With some of the most affordable rates in the country and a “no hidden fees” guarantee with every system, working with Nextiva just makes sense.

We understand that you may have questions about your Nextiva VoIP service, so the customer support team is on-call seven days a week for anything that you need. Even on the weekends, your call will be answered by the second ring 95% of the time because we know your time is valuable. Nextiva digital phone systems make up the backbone of many businesses, so we’re here to keep them up and running no matter what.

The Nextiva difference extends beyond just area code 202, 301, and 703. Your package also includes a responsive customer support team, transparent billing, flexible upgrades, easy-to-use software, and powerful PBX features to help you run your business better.

Get started with only one call. Instant activation on your Washington DC area code is at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for? Call today and grow your business in the United States capital city today!

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