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It’s time to explore your North Carolina options with Nextiva VoIP services. Purchase a Raleigh area code and get instant activation on area code 919 for your business today!

When your local business presence isn’t enough, Nextiva takes you where your customers are.

Area Code 919

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and the second biggest city behind Charlotte. It has an estimated population of 468,000 people and covers 148 square miles in the central part of the state. Located in Wake County, area code 919 also includes parts of Durham, Orange, Wayne, Chatham, and other counties as well. A Raleigh area code is an asset to any business looking to expand in North Carolina because it’s only 166 miles from Charlotte and 132 miles from Wilmington.

Raleigh was chartered in 1792 and is named after Sir Walter Raleigh. The city was built specifically to be the capital of the state of North Carolina. The economy grew steadily and in the 1800’s Peace College was founded in the city. However, Raleigh still suffered during and after the Civil War and took an economic hit again during the Great Depression.

Finally, the Research Triangle Park opened in the 1950’s and brought a population surge to the city as tech workers began to move into the area. Now, the city sits comfortably as the second-largest city in North Carolina and the 42nd largest in the United States.

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The Raleigh area code is home to four companies on the Fortune 1000 list. Martin Marietta Materials, a company that supplies building materials, was ranked #607, followed by Syneos Health at #796, Red Hat, a software company, at #850 and PRA Health Services at #893. Other big names in the city include Lulu, Waste Industries, the Capitol Broadcasting Company, and other.

The biggest industry in area code 919 is tech and the city is home to the Research Triangle Park, one of the largest research centers in the country. Banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals are key components in the economy as well. The five largest employers in Raleigh, North Carolina are the State of North Carolina. Wake County Public School System, Red Hat, North Carolina State University, and WakeMed.

The unemployment rate in the Raleigh area code is 4.2%, which is significantly lower than the US national average of 5.2%. The city is expecting future job growth of 43% over the next decade, and right now 23% of the residents are making above $100,000 per year. The average household income in area code 919 is $54,000, which is on par with the country-wide average of $53,000, and the top three most common occupations in the city are professional, scientific, technical services, health care and social assistance, and retail trade.

Raleigh was named one of the Forbes “12 Top Destinations of 2017” and the city also ranked #2 on their list of “The Next Biggest Boom Towns in the US” in 2011. Some of the most popular annual events in area code 919 include the Rock n’ Roll Raleigh Half Marathon, the Krispy Kreme Challenge, Brewgaloo, Meet in the Street Festival, the Freedom Balloon fest, and more.

Nextiva digital phone system benefits include:

Experience the Nextiva Difference

Now growing your business in North Carolina is easier than ever with a Raleigh area code. Purchase area code 919 with Nextiva VoIP services and the company will provide instant activation to get started today. Once your digital phone system is up and running, you can then answer calls to the local number on a computer, smartphone, or tablet from offices around the country or even around the world.

The best part about Nextiva digital phone systems are the amenities that help you run your business. Every package comes with powerful PBX features like call recording, conference call capabilities, and voicemail to email services to help you communicate better with your employees and your customers. You will also get access to the Nextiva Auto Attendant software. The pre-recorded system efficiently gets your customers to the right extension every time they call, while also saving both time and money for your business.

Another great feature of the Nextiva VoIP services is the NextOS software. This system helps you stay in control no matter how many area codes you need. It sorts your callers, users, features, and billing and keeps it organized in one place that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Finally, when you’re ready to grow, Nextiva makes it easy. Start with a Raleigh area code and expand across the country with the Nextiva flexible upgrades system. It lets your business grow at its own pace by leaving you free to only buy the area codes you need when you need them. You’ll never be locked into a structured system and or forced to spend money on services you don’t need. Even better, the affordable pricing and “no hidden fees” guarantee mean that area code 919 is accessible to businesses of every budget and you’ll never pay any extra charges.

Buying your Raleigh area code from Nextiva is risk-free. Instead of moving to a second location or hiring a new team, you can expand in North Carolina from the comfort of your own office, no matter where in the country it’s located. On top of it all, the Nextiva customer service team will always have your back. The 100% in-house department is on-call seven days a week to troubleshoot any issue that arises and keep your digital phone system running smoothly every day.

Purchase a Raleigh area code from Nextiva and you’ll get so much more than area code 919 for your number. You’ll also receive extra PBX features, access to the NextOS software, flexible upgrade opportunities, responsive customer service, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Just call Nextiva to get your Raleigh area code today!

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