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Area Code 251

Mobile is the 3rd largest city in Alabama and has an estimated population of 195,000 people. It’s located in Mobile County and covers 180 square miles along the Gulf of Mexico. Area code 251 contains the population of Mobile as well as the towns of Gulf Shores, Grove Hill, Prichard, Summerdale, and more. A Mobile area code can be beneficial to your business because of its central location on the Gulf Coast and proximity to both Florida and Louisiana.

Mobile was originally founded during the French colonization of the area in 1702 and wasn’t incorporated as a city in the United States until 1819. It began to grow when Alabama was granted statehood, and they were well-situated for trade both along the Mississippi river and the Gulf Coast.

The population of Mobile increased as demand for cotton grew and farms began to spring up around the area. By 1920, the city had over 60,000 residents and an economy based in commerce, shipping, shipbuilding, and steel. The Brookley Army Air Field played an important part in World War II to help sustain the struggling economy, and in the 80’s Mobile began an economic and cultural initiative that focuses on improving the city’s infrastructure, industry, and quality of life.

The Mobile area code does not contain any Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 companies. The city has been improving in recent decades, but much of their economy is still dependent on the Alabama State Docks, their port on the Gulf Coast. Some other dominant industries include steel, retail, construction, and manufacturing.

Some of the biggest companies in area code 251 include BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards, the Mobile Aeroplex at Berkley, an industrial complex, and ThyssenKrupp, a steel processing company. Other major employers in the city are the Mobile County Public School System, Infirmary Health Systems, the University of South Alabama, Walmart, and Austal USA.

The current unemployment rate in the Mobile area code is 7.2%, which is significantly higher than the US national average of 5.2%. Job growth is predicted at 31% in the next ten years, and the top occupations for residents in area code 251 are health care and social assistance, retail trade, and accommodation, food services. The average household income in Mobile is $39,000, which is lower than the United States average of $53,000, and only 14.5% of the population is making over $100,000 per year.

In 2017 the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce website reported that “Business Facilities named Mobile No. 2 as economic growth potential among cities with less than 300,000 residents and No. 8 among cities with the lowest cost of living.” In 2016, they also stated that “Southern Business and Development also recognized Mobile’s burgeoning aerospace industry, listing the city one of three Best Mid-Markets in the Mid-South.” Annual events in the Mobile area code include Mobile Mardi Gras and Festival of Flowers.

Nextiva digital phone system benefits include:

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Businesses around the country can grow in Alabama with a Mobile area code. Purchase area code 251 from Nextiva, and tap into the local economy with VoIP services. All you have to do is choose the number you want, or roll area code 251 onto your existing business phone, and then you can get started. Nextiva digital phone systems require zero extra equipment, so you can answer local calls from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, computer, or even a tablet!

What else comes with a Nextiva VoIP services? Along with your Mobile area code, your business will also receive powerful standard PBX features. Conference calls, call recording, and voicemail to email services are all included completely free, to help you run your business better. Companies can also use the Nextiva Auto Attendant to give a more professional impression to every caller. The software has a prerecorded system that takes your customers to the correct extensions and saves money for your business by eliminating the need for receptionists.

No matter how many area codes you need, the NextOS software will keep you organized. This easy to use system will keep all of your users, features, and billing in one place, so you can access it from anywhere in the world. Now you can stay in control of your business in your office, from your home, or even on your global travels.

Then, when you’re ready to grow, Nextiva will make it easy with flexible upgrades. Don’t get locked into spending money you don’t have, or purchasing VoIP services you don’t need. Instead, only buy the area codes you want, when you want them. Nextiva knows every business is different and has different needs, so whether you need one Mobile area code or numbers across the country, your options are open. Even better, the affordable billing from Nextiva makes sure VoIP services are possible for businesses with any budget, and the “no hidden fees” guarantee means you’ll never be blindsided with extra charges on your bill.

Finally, rest easy knowing that Nextiva customer support has your back. The 100% in-house team is here to answer your questions seven days a week, and walk you through any issues you have until they’re resolved.

Nextiva cares about your business growth. That’s why your Mobile area code comes with everything you need to succeed, like PBX features, Auto Attendant software, the NextOS system, flexible upgrades, and transparent billing.

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