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Burbank, California is in the 818 area code as part of Los Angeles County, California.

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Area Codes 818

Burbank, California is located in area code 818. Get a local phone number in the Burbank area code with Nextiva digital phone services.

Connecting a number with a Burbank area code to your business will give you a local presence in the “Media Capital of the World.” With a population of 103,000, Burbank may be small, but the city is mighty. The town covers 17.4 square miles and is located in Los Angeles County in Southern California, only a few miles away from North Hollywood. Glendale, Griffith Park, and Toluca Lake surround Burbank and use area code 818 as well.

Burbank California is named after a dentist from New Hampshire, Dr. David Burbank. He moved west with other Americans in the 1860’s and bought a large plot of land in what is now called Burbank to start a sheep ranch.

In the 1920’s, both the aviation industry and the film industry moved into Burbank, and the population began to increase significantly. In the 1990’s, Lockheed Martin moved out of the city, and many areas that were once their offices and factories were redesigned as shopping districts. Now, a focus on libraries, nature centers, bikeways, and other community features has helped steadily improve the quality of life of the residents in the city.

The 818 area code
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A phone number in area code 818 goes a long way in the movie business. Companies in the Burbank area code include heavy hitters like Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), and Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Other top employers in the city are Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and the Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Walt Disney Studios was ranked number 52 on the 2017 Fortune 500 list. The Avery Dennison headquarters are located in neighboring Glendale, which is also in area code 818. The packaging and shipping powerhouse sits at number 430 on the Fortune 500 list.

Additionally, the Burbank Chamber of Commerce represents almost 1,000 businesses employing a third of the city’s population. The organization has made it their mission “to be the leading public policy advocate for business and to promote economic growth” in the Burbank area code.

The average household income of families in area code 818 is $66,000, significantly higher than the US average of $53,000. Future job growth in the city is predicted at 38.55%. Right now, the three biggest occupations for residents are information, health care and social assistance, and professional, scientific, technical services.

Burbank, California is committed to financial excellence. The city has been recognized for their budgets and financial reporting yearly. Some awards include the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, and the Certificate of Excellence in Operation Budgeting. Additionally, the city of Burbank Financial Services department was also recognized with a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.

With regular festivals celebrating art, comedy, film, and beer, the Burbank area code has it all. The lively downtown makes the city a perfect place for farmers markets, nights out on the town, and everything in between. The Starlight Bowl outdoor amphitheater is also a hub for shows and community events.

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Whether you want to talk on your smartphone, a tablet, or even your desktop, it’s possible to stay connected on a variety of devices. Our services forward calls from the Burbank area code to your physical business location, wherever that may be.

Nextiva VoIP services are proud to provide instant activation for our customer. No special equipment is needed, so all you have to do is choose your number and you can get started. If you want to continue with your current phone number, the Nextiva easy rollover system also lets you attach a new area code to your existing business number for easy integration.

Our pricing structure also has a no hidden fee guarantee, so what you see is what you pay, every time. Other companies may have confusing billing systems or extra charges, but not at Nextiva. Everything is clearly laid out on the Next OS platform where you can manage your account or contact the Nextiva in-house support team any day of the week.

Your area code 818 number will also come with powerful PBX features like multiple extensions, voicemail to email, call recording, and conference calls to help you stay connected. Nextiva VoIP services als save you money because they eliminate the need for a receptionist. Instead, let our automated system point your customers where they need to go.

Whether your company is small or large, Nextiva is the right place to purchase your area code 818 number. As you grow, Nextiva will scale alongside you. Our flexible phone systems are easy to upgrade and expand with your business, and the NextOS Platform is the complete digital phone solution for any size. You can manage your Burbank area code, users, features, and the account all in one place.

Finally, Nextiva customer service is always here to help, and answer any questions you may have about area code 818. Every member of the support team works in house, and resolutions to every problem are guaranteed no matter what day of the week you call.

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