November Product Update

November 1, 2023 3 min read

Sarah Skidd

Sarah Skidd

NextivaONE mobile: Instantly identify missed calls and voicemails

Quickly view your missed calls and voicemail count within the two new tabs on the Calls screen.

In the voicemail tab, you can play, view transcription, respond via call or text, and delete.

NextivaONE Contacts: Bulk edit, delete, and export contacts

Manage contacts at scale by expanding your contact list into a full-screen view.

Users can edit and delete multiple contacts at once. Users can also convert multiple private contacts to shared contacts simultaneously.

Admins can also edit, delete, share, and export teammate contacts to a CSV.

NextivaONE Contacts: Easily call, text, or copy a secondary number

Contacting someone using their secondary number is easier. Simply click the hyperlinked secondary phone number on the contact card to call, text, or copy the number.

NextivaONE Contacts: One-click to add a contact 

Quickly add a new contact by clicking the blue “+” icon and selecting “Add a business contact”. 

Nextiva Call Center: Live train agents during active calls

Supervisors using Nextiva Call Center may join a live call to provide real-time coaching to the agent (without the customer hearing).

Access to supervisors with an Enterprise license is provided via a feature code.

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Sarah Skidd


Sarah Skidd

Sarah Skidd is a Product Marketing Manager for Nextiva. Former small business owner and mom of a bunch of kids, Sarah’s a mix of strategist and boots-on-the-ground doer. Off the clock, she’ll sneak in a hike or bribe her kids to join her in Rummikub.

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