Nextiva Donates $21,160 and 1,381 Pairs of Socks to K2 Adventures Foundation

November 26, 2019 4 min read

Shula Resendez

Shula Resendez

Nextiva Donates Cash and Socks to K2 Adventures - Featured Image

Nextiva has shown incredible generosity to benefit K2 Adventures Foundation in two life-changing ways.
We’ve raised over $21,000 and donated more than 1,300 pairs of socks thanks to our amazing and selfless community of customers, partners, and team members.

Getting the Nextiva Team Involved

October was dubbed “Socktober,” and we held a competition for Team Nextiva in our Scottsdale office to see which floor of our three-story building could donate the most pairs, with a goal of 500.
In typical Nextiva fashion, we crushed our goal. The first floor collected 182 pairs, the second floor 709, and the third floor 467. In total, we collected 1,358 pairs of socks, which was more than double our goal.
Shula Resendez and Andrew Ruiz loading up more than a thousand pairs of socks into a pickup truck.
Why socks? We often take socks for granted, but not everyone has that liberty. K2 Adventures Foundation has identified that socks are in dire need in its orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. As NextCon attendees would soon discover, socks have a special significance to Kyle Maynard, an elite athlete and congenital quadruple amputee who delivered an introspective keynote at the conference.
We are thrilled to donate a truckload full of socks to K2 Adventures Foundation to benefit the amazing work that the foundation continues to accomplish for people with special needs locally and around the world.
Nextiva donated more than a thousand pairs of socks to K2 Adventures Foundation.

Involving our Partners, Customers, and Fans

Donating socks was only the beginning.
With help from NextCon attendees—including Nextiva partners, customers, sponsors, and fans—we took our partnership with K2 Adventures Foundation to the next level using social media.
Kyle Maynard delivered an inspiring keynote at our flagship partner conference, NextCon. (Check out the top ten takeaways from NextCon here!) Nextiva committed to donating $10 per mention of #NextCon19 to the foundation until the end of the conference. It was amazing to extend participation beyond the 1,000+ people who attended in person.


From hot takes from the sessions to giveaways in the XBert Expo, people buzzed about NextCon on social media, reaching hundreds of thousands of people beyond Scottsdale.
With 2,160 social mentions, K2 Adventures Foundation received a $21,160 donation from Nextiva!
Social Media Wallboard at NextCon: #NextCon19
Our impact didn’t end there.
At the foundation’s tenth annual K2 Masquerade Ball, a generous donor matched Nextiva’s five-figure check. That means Nextiva had raised more than $42,000 for the foundation!
The funds will be used to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for 42 kids to visit the exclusive Batcave.
K2 at the Batcave gives disabled and terminally ill children the experience of being a hero for the day. They get to ride in the Batmobile, venture inside the Batcave, defeat the Joker, and a full day of fighting crime and saving the world with their closest friends and family.
Nextiva donates more than $20K to K2 Adventures
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What is K2 Adventures Foundation?

K2 Adventures Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Arizona that helps individuals with disabilities experience life to the fullest.
The foundation’s mission is to provide educational and medical enrichment to children and families with special needs.

“To care for children, adults, and families with special needs or life-changing medical and financial circumstances by providing services, support, and funds that will be used for educational and medical enrichment.”

Kristen Salcito Sandquist and Kevin Cherilla started K2 Adventures Foundation in 2009, when Kevin, along with guide Kristen, led an expedition with 25 people to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. Notably, eight of the participants were blind. The foundation has many facets, including one that provides voluntourism around the world. The organization and its volunteers bring essential supplies to disability communities, including several in Tanzania, and the socks we collected will be donated during a future trip.
The team broke four world records as they made the summit. With the completion of this epic climb, Kevin and Kristen knew that this was the start of something great.
Together they launched K2 Adventures Foundation. Almost a decade of transformative adventures later, they are still combining philanthropy and community service to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities both at home and abroad.

Mt. Kilimanjaro summit with K2 Adventures
Source: K2 Adventures

Nextiva Cares: Looking Ahead

It’s inspiring to see the massive impact Nextiva has on its community through Nextiva Cares. We look forward to seeing the great work that K2 Adventures Foundation carries out around the globe.
Nextiva Cares will continue to serve our communities with the help of all of our team members. We encourage our team to give back through time, donations, or even ideas for future community projects. (Curious about joining our team? See our job openings!)
We’ll share more highlights about our philanthropic efforts here on our blog. We have many more projects on our radar. Stay tuned!

Shula Resendez


Shula Resendez

Shulamit Resendez led Nextiva Cares, the philanthropic side of the company. She is dedicated to building community relationships and curating incredible experiences for employees, customers, and the community.

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