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Customer Experience with nextiva

Surprise and delight customers.

Have conversations with customers any way they prefer to communicate and work with teammates in a single app.

Nextiva Connect interface highlighting surveys and shared contacts

Our favorite features.

Shared management

Unsilo customer information by giving key teams access to customer interactions, history, and call transcriptions.

Contact importing

Get started right away by easily uploading your contacts from systems like Google Contacts or Microsoft Outlook.

Feedback gathering

Elevate your service by creating custom branded surveys sent and received within the contact’s screen.

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Topic Tags

Get ahead of issues and monitor key topics by adding relevant tags to customer interactions.

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Nextiva brings talk, text, chat, and video together in a single place for your whole team to focus.
Lead the

Customer Journey and Sentiment

Know the mood of prospects and customers. Get real-time alerts based on conversations that allow your team to see which customers need quick attention and act fast.
"Kanban board” showing stages of a customer funnel
The Nextiva Connect User interface showing the results of a user survey.

Customer clairvoyance

Surveys with ease

Send automatic surveys after any interaction with customers. See responses directly in the continuous conversation. Know how they feel and respond based on feedback.

Become a mind reader

Call Pop

Know customers before you pick up the phone. Call Pop instantly shows important caller details on your screen. See customer sentiment, survey responses - even the value of the account calling.

Call pop highlights survey results, sentiment, account value and experience score
Example automation showing a thank you email that gets sent to customers when they make a purchase.

Automations that improve the experience

Automations that improve your workflow

Keep customers engaged with intelligent automations. See positive and negative sentiment changes and automate actions to engage customers based on their experience.

Customer Experience FAQ's

The Customer Experience Plugin is a bundle of software applications that can be added to your NextivaONE instance that will help you provide better customer service and improve customer experience.
Nextiva tracks and makes updates to each customer sentiment based on a couple different things. One, when a customer completes a survey, they get a score associated with how they responded. And, our platform picks up on keywords associated with being happy or unhappy which plays a part to let you know how a customer is feeling.
Use the Customer Experience plugin to collect feedback from your customers by creating surveys. You can set up automations and custom settings to send surveys to customers or to trigger based on various customer interactions, such as when a customer submits a low rating.
Call pop is our version of caller ID, just on steroids. When a customer calls in, a pop-up window shows who is calling and key factors like how happy or unhappy they are as a customer or how much their account is worth.

Deliver an amazing experience and they’ll love you for it

Give them what they want.

Your customers want to be seen, appreciated, and respected. And your business can do that. Some of the TLC must be a manual process, but there’s so much software can help with.

When you leave the repetitive tasks to an app to handle and allow software to remind you who’s calling, let you take notes on your calls, and send surveys, you save yourself time and you swiftly build a reputation for providing an amazing customer experience.

The Customer Experience plugin helps to address business challenges by helping businesses stay on top of customer communication. Organize it all in one place so you can quickly solve customer problems or concerns, automate sending customer surveys, and avoid additional business costs associated with third party applications. It’s time to streamline and simplify all these apps into a single platform that does the work for you.

The Customer Experience Plugin is a set of features that helps businesses focus on streamlining how they communicate with their customers and enhance their processes on giving and receiving feedback to get a better grasp with how their customers are feeling with their service. The Customer Experience plugin makes it easier to engage with customers in order to decrease retention and create strong customer relationships.

How does Nextiva’s Customer Experience Plugin work?

The Customer Experience Plugin works by unlocking feature limitations that vary from each voice plan. This plugin allows for a true uncapped, positive experience for your customers. Gone are the days of pain and frustration in the buyer journey or questions that never got answered because they were lost in the shuffle.

The Customer Experience Plugin helps to create automations in your workflow so that you never forget to send a customer survey, follow up with a customer after you resolve a problem, or organize your contact list with topic tags based on how they bit in your customer journey.

What are the available unlimited features in the Customer Experience Plugin?

Nextiva’s software includes various features to improve customer experience such as:

  • Sentiment call pop
  • Contact management (including import and syncing)
  • Create and save notes on contacts
  • Customer sentiment (account experience score)
  • Automation including customer surveys

How are we different from other customer experience tools?

Nextiva is different from other customer experience tools and offerings on the market today because we are a fully integrated experience. Most competitors offer some similar customer experience capabilities but they are all through third party applications that require additional subscriptions for.

Our flagship feature, threaded conversations, brings all conversations together in a single view so you can manage customer communication from email, phone, SMS, and chat all in one place.

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Learn more about Nextiva’s Customer Experience Plugin

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Voice Analytics

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Call Pop

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