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Year Founded

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a staple of the central Arizona community, providing educational and hands-on experiences for more than 350,000 children and parents every year. They offer a multitude of programs, camps, exhibits, and more that enable all members of the community to participate in the museum’s offerings. The Children’s Museum is focused on providing great experiences for all families to learn, understand, and play together.

There are 50 full-time and 50 part-time employees at the museum. Alana Turner, the Executive Assistant, is responsible for communications around the office and also manages the main phone line.

From answering general inquiries from patrons to talking to donors, to planning special events, the phone system is an integral part of the museum.

Call Groups, NextOS (Voice), Conference Line

“We had a seamless porting of our old numbers. Training was provided by Nextiva’s Onboarding team to myself as the administrator, and to staff for working knowledge of their phones. Porting, implementation, and set-up of the system all went perfectly.”

Give Customers Only the Best Call Quality

When she began working at the Children’s Museum in 2014, they were using Telesphere as their VoIP provider, which was then acquired by Vonage.

Turner and others at the organization found the system to be of poor quality with a high cost and customer service that was simply insufficient. With more than 100 calls a day coming into the main line, this was unacceptable for their patrons.

Alana and the team began doing research into different communications providers, comparing companies such as Avaya, Cox Communications, and Nextiva.

After being recommended to Nextiva by a business partner, the team decided Nextiva was the best provider for their needs, and soon after began to transition their system over to the NextOS platform.

Seamless Transitions and Training

The process of switching from Vonage to Nextiva was straightforward. “We had a seamless porting of our old numbers

Training was provided by Nextiva’s Onboarding team to me as the administrator, and to staff for working knowledge of their phones,” Turner stated. “Porting, implementation, and set-up of the system all went perfectly.”

Admin training for Alana mostly focused on NextOS (Voice), so she could control call flows, virtual extensions, voicemail, and more, which she was then able to do with ease.

For the other museum employees, Nextiva set up multiple training times so they could join in whenever. They were taught basic phone usage, such as transferring calls and check voicemail.

Turner has come to be comfortable with calling into Nextiva Support if she ever has an issue. “The service is outstanding,” she said. Whenever there is confusion, she knows that it can be settled with a quick call to one of the friendly technicians.

A Variety of Useful Features

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix adjusted quickly to Nextiva system, and they use a variety of available features.

They include multiple Auto-Attendants to route calls to the appropriate department, call groups to forward calls to numerous employees, call forwarding for those answering the main lines, voicemail-to-email, conferencing, and virtual faxing through Nextiva vFAX using a fax bridge.

NextOS (Voice) has provided a significant improvement in flexibility over its previous system.

Alana is able to handle almost all of the system maintenance from wherever she wants via the web-based portal and finds it very intuitive and easy to use.

“I love the flexibility of the cloud; I am able to make adjustments to the system from anywhere with Internet, so I can redirect call flows or make other changes from home if I need to.”

Since implementing Nextiva service, all their previous phone system issues have been resolved.

Turner stated, “We were dealing with poor call quality, poor customer service, and low data speeds. With Nextiva we are able to use our own data and firewall and upgrade in basically every sense. The conference line is great, call quality has improved, and we saved money on top of it!”

Nextiva provides the best service I’ve ever received! We’ve saved money, we’ve saved time, and the customer experience is extremely pleasant. Nextiva has been great to work with!

Alana Turner

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