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July 21, 2022 3 min read

Blair Williamson

Blair Williamson

easiest way to do contact management in 2022

That custom-ordered, rushed delivery item has arrived. 

Time to call the customer to pick it up. 

But, did the request come in via email? Checks inbox…No. 

Did we take her order in the store? Those notes might be on a sticky note at the register… 

Did John take her order or did Sally…who would remember?

Yo. We’re all just trying to keep our plants alive, drink enough water in a day, and not fail at adulting. Nobody has time to flip through the mental file-a-holder like this.  

It’s time to work smarter. 

The best way to crush contact management is to put everything in one place. Duh, right? But what you really need is a consolidation system that allows you to access what you need and act on it quickly. 

That’s why Nextiva created a new business software that manages all of your contacts and your conversations with each contact in a single view. 

3 features in Nextiva’s new business software that makes contact management easy. 

1. Threaded conversations

You know that feeling when you call your favorite brand and get sent to a new customer service agent. And then you have to explain your issue and tell your story all over again so this new person can try to help you solve a problem? Yeah, no one likes that. 

Nextiva’s threaded conversations allow you to see every interaction with a customer from one place. No more shuffling around to find the last email they sent. Threaded Conversations give you a single timeline view, regardless of how you’re communicating. 

NextivaONE threaded conversations

You can add meeting notes directly to the person’s contact file so the information will be readily available from their profile, no matter who takes the next call. 

Added bonus? This information is shared across your entire organization so all members of your team can see the customer’s history and be ready to help out, no matter who takes the next call. 

2. Sentiment score

Ever wish you knew what your customers were thinking? Nextiva’s Sentiment Analysis tool scans calls and emails for words that indicate a positive or negative experience. Customer accounts are flagged and escalated automatically. 

sentiment score available in NextivaONE

You can use this built-in business intelligence software to simply help agents prepare themselves for what’s ahead before answering the phone. Or turn this information into data to help you make better business decisions and create a better customer experience.  

3. Call pop

Call pop is a software feature that instantly shows caller information on your screen. You can see who’s calling and important info from their profile, such as their most recent sentiment score, before you even answer the phone. 

NextivaONE call pop

With Nextiva, you have the access to the tools you need to create an efficient contact management process. All you have to do now is save your business contacts, take good meeting notes in the customer profile, and answer the phone!

Ready to simplify your customer records? Talk to an expert about how Nextiva can help. 

Blair Williamson


Blair Williamson

Blair Williamson was a Content Marketing Manager at Nextiva. Her background is marketing in higher education and tech. She geeks out on WordPress, kettlebells, and whatever book she's currently reading.

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