Expert's Advice on How to Build, Maintain, and Protect Your Confidence

December 12, 2019 4 min read

Joe Manna

Joe Manna

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Confidence is an important topic for people at all levels. When a person’s confidence is high, they feel like they can accomplish anything. They stand taller, are bolder in their actions, close more deals, and their energy attracts positivity into their lives.
On the flip side, when a person’s self-esteem is low, it can have a devastating effect. It can make or break your performance in business and in personal relationships.
Nextiva marketing manager Jeremy Boudinet hosted a webinar in late September with confidence expert Coach Micheal Burt. Known as The Super Coach, Micheal coaches business leaders from many top companies around the world. He has also created Monster Producer, which is a proven coaching structure to help thousands of people massively elevate their organizations and careers.

Tips to Increase Your Self-Confidence

  • Confidence is a habit—repetition means mastery
  • What other people think of you doesn’t matter
  • It can be lost after years of building it up
  • Confidence must be diversified
  • You can borrow from others’ leadership
  • Self-esteem is a natural byproduct of knowledge, skill, and desire

Webinar Agenda

3:11 – What is Confidence?
5:47 – How Do I Get Confidence?
15:38 – What Can I Do To Build Confidence?
24:05 – How Do I Protect Confidence?
32:42 – How Do I Regain Lost Confidence?
43:52 – How Do I Overcome Objections?

What is Confidence?

Psychologists may define confidence as the “memory of success.” Micheal has a few definitions.
“Confidence is an internal knowing that you can create or manifest what you see in your mind even when other people don’t believe you can.” —Coach Micheal Burt
Another definition would be that “It’s a distribution of unique ability into the marketplace with a reward of love, appreciation, and money in return, which in turn builds more confidence.”
Self-assured people go places other people won’t go, do things other people won’t do. For people who seem limited, fear might not be holding them back. It may be a confidence problem.
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How Do I Get Confidence?

“People get confidence through one action at a time,” said Micheal. “It is the caboose to knowledge, skill, and desire. The more preparation I do, the more confident I am.”
Confidence is gained one inch at a time through one action at a time.” —Coach Micheal Burt
With more knowledge, skill, and desire, a natural byproduct is more confidence.
As a former championship basketball coach, Micheal explained that his most confident players were the ones who tried 500 times per day to sink the ball into the basket. The repetition built muscle memory and a demonstrated capacity for doing. Then, on the day of the game, their bodies knew what to do. It was that repetition that created mastery—and the mastery that helped act with confidence.
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What Can I Do To Build Confidence?

“Everyone has a different set of strength zones, and it is important to identify them to build confidence,” Micheal says. In order to step into confidence, he explained that he has to plan his day, work on all four parts of his nature, and stay in a dynamic state.
“Confidence comes when you are operating in your strength zones.” —Coach Micheal Burt
“I need to work on myself physically through daily training; mentally through listening to great podcasts, studying, getting coaching, going to conferences; in my heart by protecting and feeding my relationships and in my spirit,” he says.

Nourish all four parts of your nature to get to a dynamic state:

  • Body: Physically working out
  • Mind: Read daily, listen to podcasts, studying
  • Heart: Protect heart, passions, and relationships
  • Spirit: Feeding the soul

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How Do I Protect Confidence?

It can be easy to place your confidence in another person’s hands—whether it’s a co-worker, a boss, or a partner. Micheal understands this and knows that it is human nature to focus on the negative at times. He recommends protecting one’s confidence by operating independently to the opinions of others.
“Never allow another person to stand between you and your destiny,” he says. “I want everyone to get to the point where what people think of them is none of their business.”
“Never allow another person to stand between you and your destiny.” —Coach Micheal Burt
Protect your confidence by diversifying it. Spread it out in different buckets because not all will be working at a high frequency all the time.

How Do I Regain Lost Confidence?

We all go through hard times—be it divorce, grief, or the loss of a job. Anything that can take years to build up can be torn down in seconds.
When challenges strike, Micheal recommends surrounding oneself with people who think bigger. Read books by leaders, listen to inspiring podcasts, and talk to friends who are positive and confident.
“When you feel small, immediately tune into someone who thinks big.” —Coach Micheal Burt
“When I go low, I borrow from other people,” he says. “I start working on something; success comes from repetition, never from stagnation.”

How Do I Overcome Objections?

Micheal likes to ask concrete questions in the discovery process. He says optimism is key when you want to challenge a person’s objections because people with internal considerations won’t meet objections and handle them.
“An internal consideration is an internal thought that prohibits an external action.” —Coach Micheal Burt
Taking consistent action every day is what gives people the assurance to combat internal considerations and overcome fears.

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