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Your workday simplified. Communication + business apps.

Voice, video, messaging, and fax in the cloud — so your teams and customers can reach you no matter where you are.

Grow and succeed

Everything your business needs to stay connected. And so much more.

Communication and sales process
Communication + Sales process

Manage your sales process and your conversations in the same app.

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Communication and Helpdesk
Communication + helpdesk

Provide amazing service and improve team efficiency with the same app.

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Everything you need to meet rising customer demands. Exceed expectations with no extra work.

The future of doing great work

More and more businesses are using automations to make customer interaction better.

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Use automations to make the customer experience better
Customer get instant graitfication
Automate communication

Give customers the
instant gratification
they expect.

Automate the busywork
Automate busywork

Do more during your
workday than you
normally could.

automation and AI go hand-in-hand
Automate intelligence

Automation and AI
offer a helping hand
when you need it.

Everything you need to build strong customer connections.

Nextiva enables humans to build deeper connections through a partnership with machines and AI — utilizing each others strengths.

everything to grow and succeed

You'll look and feel
like a Fortune 500

Start small and scale on your
own terms.
We'll be there at
every step, growing with you.

Feel like a Fortune 500 Look like a Fortune 500 Be like a Fortune 500
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Chris Brencans, CMO

"Nextiva puts all my customer data in one place. I can view account history, notes and documents from one screen. Nextiva takes the guesswork out of customer relationships."

Chris Brencans, CMO
On The Map Marketing
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