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Local First Arizona is a non-profit coalition of local businesses in Arizona, dedicated to encouraging long-term economic development in the state through educating citizens about the importance of investing in locally-owned businesses. Started in 2003, Local First has grown into the the largest association of local businesses in the United States with almost 3,000 members.

Thomas Barr, Director of Operations, is responsible for working with members and staff to ensure that everyone’s technology needs are covered.

When he joined Local First, they were already using a VoIP phone system, but he realized that their current provider was not keeping up with what they needed, and started to research other phone service providers.

Since Local First AZ has a commitment to working with local businesses, one of the first things Barr began searching for was companies local to Arizona.

Previous providers had initially started in the state but then had been bought up by national companies, which did not directly align with the organization’s mission.

Voicemail-to-Email, Virtual Extensions, Auto Attendant

“Nextiva was able to offer us more features at a lower price than our previous provider, including voicemail-to-email, more extensions, and a better overall network.”

Grow Your Company and Fulfill Your Mission

In the past two and a half years since Thomas Barr has joined the team, they have grown from 7 full-time employees to 20 full-time employees and 5-10 interns.

In 2014, the College decided to explore alternative providers to control rising costs.

Local First’s nature lends itself to working remotely. Between events and visiting partners, employees are always on the go.

More employees needed extensions and access to their phones while away from their desks, which they couldn’t get from the provider they were using.

After being referred to Nextiva by another business in their network, Barr did some probing to find out if the company offered the features they were seeking.

“Nextiva was able to offer us more features at a lower price than our previous provider, including voicemail-to-email, more extensions, and a better overall network,” Barr stated.

After looking at online reviews, examining Nextiva’s website, and comparing prices, he decided that they were a partner Local First AZ could trust, and could also be trusted to recommend to their clients.

Switching to A Better System is a Simple Process

Local First made the switch to Nextiva in July 2015. The time from the initial phone call to being entirely up and running was only 10 days, including porting, the process of switching a phone number from one carrier to another.

Barr recalls the process as being simple and without any complications. The Nextiva technicians Barr worked with had everything configured in no time, from hardware to extensions, to voicemail-to-email.

“Everything was smooth. There were no headaches!” Barr was happy to share. “Nextiva employees were extremely helpful, and the entire process was fluid and easy.”

Barr continued to explain that Nextiva service has worked exceptionally for Local First AZ since its implementation, saying, “Our administrative staff was happy right away. Everyone easily transitioned.”

Save Money, Gain Additional Features, and Clearer Phone Quality

In addition to receiving Amazing Service with Nextiva, they have also saved money by switching service providers, while gaining additional features.

“Nextiva helps you compete with the fast-paced world of today,” Thomas Barr explained. The phone quality is more clear than I’ve ever experienced before.”

We look forward to our continued partnership with Nextiva. It’s important that we work with companies that we can really trust and promote to our other members, and Nextiva is just that.

Thomas Barr

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