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AVIT services many restaurants and chains, including Planet Hollywood, Margaritaville, Landshark, Barefoot Landing, Mission Barbecue, Metro Diner, and more. Overall, the company manages approximately 2,800 restaurant locations throughout the world, including locations in Hawaii, Paris, London, and throughout the continental United States.

Founded in 2012, AVIT is a full-service information technology and audio/visual systems integrator that specializes in managed services.  The company’s goal is to integrate and simplify the systems that run your business. At present, AVIT does everything from managing the audio/visual displays and music at Margaritavilles around the world to providing the phone systems that run dozens of Mission BBQ locations across the country. Since its inception, AVIT has grown into an international managed service provider with over 750 clients spread across nearly 3,000 locations and 3,500 endpoints.

AVIT currently has 86 employees and has experienced explosive double-digit revenue growth over the last two years, growing revenue by 38% in 2019 and by 78% in 2020. Its leadership team is helmed by AVIT General Manager Kelly Green, who oversees all the operations within the company.

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“The biggest feather in my cap was bringing Nextiva into the building.”

Switching from On-Prem to Cloud Communications

Green attributes a lot of the company’s growth to its ability to maintain constant uptime with the Nextiva and hire talent all over the country to be a part of the team using its cloud phone system.

“The biggest feather in my cap was bringing Nextiva into the building,” said Green. “We were able to move away from an on-prem installation with very little features to a full-blown UCaaS enterprise solution with call center capabilities and provide amazing customer service from an amazing partner in Nextiva.”

The biggest feather in my cap was bringing Nextiva into the building.

Kelly Green

As an international systems integration company, AVIT is constantly in communication with its clients. Whether they are quoting a new project, rolling out a project, or servicing an existing customer, AVIT must maintain consistent communication with their clients and service providers to ensure that projects get completed on time.

“When you run 10 to 12 projects a month rolling out restaurants, communication is critical,” said Green. “You’re dealing with multiple general contractors, multiple concepts and brands, and support, taking them from install and onboarding to our support team.”

Green relies on Nextiva to ensure these projects go smoothly and that AVIT is able to satisfy its customers’ needs. “We need to have communication that’s accurate, on time, and flows easily into us,” Green said. “We believe in extreme customer service. We want to make sure that our employees have the flexibility and the tools they need to provide amazing customer service, because we demand that from them. Nextiva allows us to do it with the flexibility of the entire platform.”

The flexibility of Nextiva is evident in its usage across the entire AVIT organization. “Our support team lives on Nextiva,” Green said. “The average talk time is between five to six hours per day; that’s only including communications with our customers. Our field techs are our project managers and use the platform as well. Our salespeople use the NextivaONE App on their cell phone to still maintain that customer communication without giving out their personal cell phone information. Across the board, Nextiva just provides a better overall experience for us.

Communicating with our guys in the field is easy. I just use my NextivaONE App and call them. Nextiva works anywhere they have cell phone service.

Kelly Green

All told, AVIT averages close to 500 calls a day, reaching over 3,000 calls per week on a regular basis. But AVIT’s usage of Nextiva goes beyond just a dial tone.

“Our communications are driven by team meetings, conference calls, instant messaging — we have all those communication tools in our tool belt,” Green said.

Nextiva is also valuable from an internal communications standpoint, helping AVIT stay in constant contact with its personnel around the world. “Communicating with our team in the field — the project management teams, our admin staff, our engineers — is easy. I just use my NextivaONE App and call them. Nextiva works anywhere they have cell phone service.”

Business communications built for reliability and scalability

For AVIT, two of the foremost benefits Nextiva provides are reliability and scalability.

“When evaluating business phone systems, the most important thing for me was reliability,” said Green. “I wanted something that I knew would stay up. AVIT is based in the state of Florida, the hurricane and lightning capital of the world, so we know that if things go down or if there’s an issue, we can forward our calls to our cell phones using Nextiva.”

When evaluating business phone systems, the most important thing for me was reliability. AVIT is based in the hurricane and lightning capital of the world. If there’s an issue, we know we can forward our calls to our cell phones using Nextiva.

Kelly Green

Disaster-proofing his business communications has given Green and his clients tremendous peace of mind. Even in the event of a natural disaster, Green’s team remains reachable and responsive to his customers’ needs thanks to Nextiva. “Reliability is huge,” said Green. “The ability to take a phone and plug it in pretty much anywhere where we’re at and have it work like it’s sitting here in our office, with call center applications, analytics, voicemail to email, conference calls, conference bridges, and call grouping is very important to us.”

In addition to reliability, technology like Nextiva has helped AVIT by providing scalability. “Nextiva has shrunk our new client onboarding time by two-thirds. The ease of use on the platform is critical. It lets us spin up a customer quickly due to the simple user interface and the support we get from Nextiva.”

Beyond reliability and scalability, one of Green’s favorite Nextiva features is the ability to pull calls from his cell phone to his desk phone or onto his PC app. “I’m constantly moving,” Green said. “I average about 15,000 steps a day throughout my office. If I’m in another part of the building on my cell phone and I want to continue the conversation at my desk, I can pull it over and bring it onto my desk phone. That ability is huge for us.”

Another driving feature of Nextiva is its analytics and gamification capabilities. AVIT boasts a highly active call center with dozens of team members. To keep those team members accountable, Green turns to Nextiva to measure and visualize call volume, handle time, and other key metrics. “Analytics are huge in our call center. We look at those numbers as accountability for our team members,” Green said. “We gamify it and show which team members are taking the most calls and keeping the talk times down.”

Nextiva has shrunk our new client onboarding time by two-thirds. The ease of use on the platform is critical. It lets us spin up a customer quickly.

Kelly Green

The company also uses call analytics to measure and improve individual call performance, providing quality assurance to its growing call center operations. “Getting single call results is huge for us as well,” said Green. “We tie them together with our analytics package to drive better customer service. For example, I love having the ability to see how long it takes for us to wrap up a call.”

Identify inbound callers the moment they call

One of the most critical benefits Nextiva provides is its ability to integrate with AVIT’s existing data systems. The company uses Nextiva in tandem with ConnectWise to track all of its tickets, finances, service calls, and monthly service agreements. “We use the Go Integrator package to integrate Nextiva with our ConnectWise system,” said Green. “We have one button click-to-call right out of our software into the phones.”

Integrating Nextiva with ConnectWise has also unlocked a crucial feature for AVIT: Nextiva Call Pop.

Using Call Pop, AVIT team members can automatically identify each customer the second they call into support. “We use Nextiva Call Pop with inbound calls to see who the customer is the second we answer it. With Call Pop, we’re actually pulling up the customer in ConnectWise and viewing the customer address and the phone number, starting a new ticket, launching the whole conversation, and shrinking call time.”

The result of Nextiva Call Pop is more time saved handling inbound calls and a vastly improved customer experience for AVIT clientele. The screen pop feature enables Green’s team to provide more personalized support and be more prepared for every call. “When you get 3,000 inbound phone calls and you save five seconds per phone call, that’s a pretty significant savings for us,” Green said. “It’s also a more personalized experience for our customers.”

Better business communications. Higher profits

In the three years since adopting Nextiva, AVIT has experienced tremendous growth in terms of head count, revenue, and overall profitability. Kelly Green was enthusiastic when discussing the top benefits that Nextiva has brought his company. He had no doubts about Nextiva’s great impact on his business.

We have one button click-to-call right out of our software into the phones. We then use Nextiva Call Pop to identify each customer the second they call us.

Kelly Green

“The largest benefit of Nextiva for us has been the pure profit generation. We’re able to handle our calls better with less manpower than before,” Green said. “Nextiva will help us grow and actually ramp up in a much more scalable fashion. We’re seeing more and more savings, more and more happy customers.”

All told, Green credits Nextiva with transforming AVIT into a much more scalable, data-driven business than it was before. From customer communications to employee ramp-up time, Nextiva has given AVIT the ability to measure and improve each element of its operations.

“The other key benefits Nextiva gives us are scalability and analytics. If I can measure it, I can fix it,” said Green. “And Nextiva provides analytics, measurability, and accountability for my teams.”

Green also had effusive words of praise for Nextiva’s sales, channel, and support teams, each of whom have helped guide him along his journey as a Nextiva customer. “Nextiva’s customer service is amazing,” said Green. “They’ve been helpful. They’ve been on the dot and anytime I need it, they are there.”

If we don’t have reliable communication, we don’t have a business.

Kelly Green

At the end of the day, AVIT has reaped tremendous benefits from Nextiva. The Florida-based IT consulting firm stands poised to continue its rapid growth trajectory and support it with the help of Nextiva.

“Nextiva was a game changer for our business,” Green concluded. “It has brought leading-edge communications tools and reliability to our business, which, as a service provider, is paramount. If we don’t have reliable communication, we don’t have a business.”