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Flexible email builder

Create beautiful emails

Anyone can make a great email with our drag ’n drop builder. No graphic design background required. Pick from our exclusively designed templates or build from scratch. Either way, we make it super easy to look professional and maintain your branding so your audience always knows it’s an email from YOU.

Marketing Automation

Automation Marketing Campaigns

Campaign builder

Build campaigns in seconds

Easily visualize the timing and flow of your email campaigns with our super simple campaign builder. It makes managing campaigns simpler than ever before, and even makes it fun!

A/B testing

Don’t guess. Know.

Create multiple variations of an email and quickly set up tests to determine which performs the best.

A B Test Automation Marketing Software
A B Test Automation Marketing


Put campaigns on auto-pilot

Create powerful email series, targeted to specific audiences that deliver personalized messages with perfect timing. Nurture your most loyal customers, win back cancellations, re-engage inactive users, or onboard recent sign-ups, and so on - the opportunities are endless.

Reports & analytics

Get data in real time

Instantly know how your emails are performing, what’s working and what’s not, and continuously improve based on your data.

Manage Automated Marketing

All-in-one communication platform

Add more products to add more power

Combine Marketing with other Nextiva products to grow their impact exponentially. Weave Marketing across the system to deliver information and messaging, trigger powerful workflow automations, gain insight for everyone in your organization to leverage, and build amazing relationships with your customers.

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Chris Brencans, CMO

"Nextiva puts all my customer data in one place. I can view account history, notes and documents from one screen. Nextiva takes the guesswork out of customer relationships."

Chris Brencans, CMO
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