How one FinTech company builds a safe banking environment for customers

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Canopy Technology was founded by Will Hanson and Matt Bivons with the goals of providing a safer student credit card. But even 10 years of lending experience couldn’t prepare them for how expensive and limited a loan management system would be.

From a customer verification system, to bank sponsor, servicing system of record…all of the necessary components added up. So, they set out to create their own loan management software that would empower developers to launch and service financial products with minimum effort and maximum flexibility.

So Canopy Servicing was born — an API-first platform that is flexible and helps to make servicing loans safe, transparent, and easy to manage.

We caught up with Tom Greco, head of client success and accounts, to learn more about what makes Canopy Servicing unique in its customer-first approach.

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‘You talk about the importance of safety in your line of business’

How do you ensure safety and why is it so important to Canopy?

Of course we have certain laws and regulations we have to follow, but being safe is important for our clients because it’s the right thing to do. Our goal is to show clients that we are empathetic to what they go through.

I feel great that we’re on the right path towards helping our clients create loan and lending products that are transparent, relatable, personal, and safe for all everyone, whether that is consumer borrowers or business borrowers.

One way we do that is that we offer a series of customizable borrower portals that we can build for our clients. From these customer operations portals, agents can go in and help service a loan, answer customer questions, take payments, all that good stuff. Our database tracks event history so there is always a system of record if someone needs to dispute a transaction or refund. The system of record can then go back and recalculate interest and poor paymenting, so that we always have the right balance information and we make the transaction process safe for clients.

How do you build a connection with your customers?

At Canopy we have built a team of people who have been in the payments and lending business so we immediately connect with customers because we know the business.

Next, we over-invest in communication. From the moment we engage a customer in the pre-contract process, we try to understand how to give them an unbelievable experience that will change their life and their consumer’s life.

We ask a lot of questions about what happens in a “day in the life” of one of their employees whether that’s a representative in the contact center or someone in capital markets who needs to find a new investment. Then we build personas around that customer’s requirements so our engineers and developers can personalize the experience within our software.

This tool allows us to create our own outreach & servicing strategy where we can meet our clients in their channel of choice.

Tom Greco

Why did you decide to set up a contact center with Nextiva?

We needed a central point to be able to triage, replicate, document, and pass on cases of fairly intense and complex technical issues to an engineer. So just the creation of the contact center enables me to have a centralized engineering resource and not have to have distributed engineering resources, which is great.

We love Nextiva’s Five9 contact center solution because it gives us multi- and omni-channel capability. It gave us a future for integrated voice automation or agents. We were looking for a tech-forward, multichannel, incredibly flexible, Salesforce-integrated platform that we could grow with. This was a natural fit, and we were able to do it with a feature-rich solution and at a price that was super competitive.

Nextiva’s contact center solution means that we now have a sales capability that enables our new go to market team to receive leads through a myriad of different channels. This tool allows us to create our own outreach strategy and have a servicing strategy where we can meet our clients in their channel of choice, which is huge and is exactly the aspiration of most legacy loan servicers and banks.

If you could leave us with two words, what would you say are key indicators of business success?

Be forward-thinking and pursue growth.

Our growth mindset pushes us to always be searching for brilliance. The journey will help; perfection is something that can never be reached, but should continuously be sought after. And we’ll continue to do that. That’s the definition of growth, right? Because the beauty is that you attain excellence through this constant pursuit of perfection.

Favorite features of Nextiva’s contact center solution: