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Designed for the future of customer expectations.

Understand your customers on a deeper level. Track and share information across your business. Empower teams to act.

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Know your customer.

Know how customers feel at any moment by tracking every interaction with your business. Share customer information in real-time across your entire business to empower everyone to make better decisions. Use personalized automations to make everyone feel special.

boosting productivity

Use NextOS to boost productivity.

Do yourself and your employees a favor. Automate repetitive tasks like looking up information, account history, and sending replies. Be equipped with a holistic and complete view of your customers in real time.

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View. Analyze. Act.

Make better decisions with visual, interactive, and analytical tools. Easily recognize your business trends.

  • Predictive Analysis

    Uncover business trends in your customer journey and operations based on historical data.

    Tools: Trend Analysis, Period Analysis, Comparison Analysis, Next Issue Resolution Analysis

  • Monitoring Tools

    Broadcast real time information and react to, identify, and resolve issues faster with more decisive solutions.

  • Interactive Displays

    Create daily competition to motivate performance. Increase employee engagement by up to 48%.

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Get a total overview of every customer interaction at a glance.
Understand your business on a whole new level.

Native Applications

Use our built-in suite of tools to keep your entire toolset in one workspace. Manage everything from one central location with a simple out-of-the box solution.

Customer Relationship


Easily expand the capabilities of your existing toolset with the power of NextOS. Bring all of your tools together into one secure workspace built for enterprise level work.

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Chris Brencans, CMO

"Nextiva puts all my customer data in one place. I can view account history, notes and documents from one screen. Nextiva takes the guesswork out of customer relationships."

Chris Brencans, CMO
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