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NextOS brings all of your customer and team communication tools in one place. Make it easier to provide the experience everyone craves.

Perfect for SMBs

Use our built-in suite of tools to keep your entire toolset in one workspace. Manage everything from one central location with a simple out of the box solution.

  • One place for all business communication
  • No integrations needed — it just works
  • A whole lot more for a whole lot less

Scalable for Enterprises

Easily expand the capabilities of your existing toolset with the power of NextOS. Bring all of your tools together into one secure workspace built for enterprise level work.

  • Works with your existing toolset
  • Advanced integrations available
  • Track customer journeys from native and existing tools

Unify Communications

A single powerful platform with phone, email, chat, and SMS that captures and analyzes all data for every interaction.

Deliver Smarter Experiences

Intelligent tools are at your fingertips. Streamline pipelines, manage cases, and proactively resolve issues.

Make Better Decisions

Nextiva Analytics connects the dots, turning raw data into actionable insight for your business.

Know Your Customers

Not all customers are alike. NextOS tracks every customer’s sentiment, experience, and gets feedback about their journey, in real time.

Actively Engage

Delight customers by sending the right message at the right time. Use customer journeys to automate personalized messages that scale effortlessly.

Automate Workflows

Reduce manual steps to increase efficiency. Deliver great customer experiences consistently.

Unified Communications

Manage all conversations in one place.

All your conversations in one place
  • Voice
  • Multi Video
  • Messaging
  • Chat

Everywhere your conversations are happening.

Give your customers choices. Let them communicate however they want to.

Communicate via any channel and keep track of all conversations. Customers will never have to repeat themselves and will always feel remembered.

Empower your teams to be more efficient with customers.

Jumping around to different tools wastes your time. Bring your entire customer and team workflow together in one place. Use more time to solve bigger issues and build customer relationships.

Understand your customers on a whole new level.

Keep track of and manage the entire customer journey from pipeline to service. Understand every customer’s history at a glance. Know exactly how customers feel and optimize your business.

Work remotely with your teams through phone, video, and messaging.

Use an app that enables fluid team communication on any device. Make your team feel like they’re collaborating in the same room. Empower your team to get work done from anywhere in the world.

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Efficiency & Speed

Improve your team's productivity

All your conversations in one place

Everything you need to create fast efficient teams.

Everyone gets the information they need to act instantly — on one screen.

Give everyone in the organization a complete view of the customer, at a personal level, in real time—from frontline team members to the CEO.

Work smarter. Get rid of repetitive busywork that wastes everyone’s time.

Use smart tools to be more effective. Smart Topics, Wiki, Macros, and Notifications eliminate repetitive time consuming tasks. Allow teams to spend more time on creating value.

Manage all customer projects. Organize schedules, accounts, ↦ tasks.

One place to manage, prioritize, sort and filter your entire daily work. No more hopping between different tools. Always know what you should be working on next.

Organize internal projects & workflows across all teams.

Whether you do sales or manage cases and projects for customers — it’s important that everyone is on the same page. Keep team projects organized. Get stuff done.

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Customer Experience

View, analyze, & act in real-time.

All your conversations in one place

Everything you need to create happy customers.

Get real-time insight and a complete view of your customer.

Turn customer and business data into knowledge your whole team can use. Create a personalized customer experience anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Provide a better experience. Mitigate at-risk customers and sell more.

Automatically address unmet and unrecognized customer needs. Proactively deliver amazing service before they know they need it.

Make better strategic decisions with visual tools and reports.

Powerful reports provide analysis and insight, which allows you to optimize marketing, sales, and customer service so that you can achieve your business goals with confidence.

Identify (un)happy customers and automate actions.

Dashboards give you accurate insight on your customers' behavior and sentiment. Automate actions based on your customer data. They feel better, you sell more.

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Automate anything that can be automated.

Streamline processes to drive improvements.
Make good things happen faster, cheaper, more intelligently and consistently.

All your conversations in one place

Free your entire company from repetitive busywork.

Automate actions based on customer interactions with your business.

Instantly access everything your business has ever said to anyone. Leverage this data to create powerful targeted actions that drive sales and create lifelong customer relationships.

Eliminate mundane work and send automatic responses to customers.

Automate personalized responses like “Thank you” and “Welcome” emails and messages. Address customers exactly when they need you most with automatic escalation and case creation.

Route and escalate issues based on customer behaviors and satisfaction.

Escalate unhappy customer cases instantly to get them in-touch with support before they need to reach out. Automatically tell your happiest customers about other great products, right when they’re ready to buy.

Break free from manually validating every lead.

Automatically qualify your leads with a system that validates and converts on autopilot without even lifting a finger.

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Build Relationships

Engage customers at the right time.

Engage customers

Say the right things at the right time.

Make smarter decisions with online surveys and real-time responses.

Get real insights on how customers and prospects feel during different points in their customer journey. Then optimize bottlenecks, pain points, and processes to increase conversions and build better experiences.

Proactively engage site visitors right when they need you most.

Live Chat lets your customers know you’re ready to help them at any time during their visit. Engage with site visitors when they are looking for support, specific items, or trying to make a buying decision.

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Team Collaboration

Bring teams together.

NextOS Team Collaboration Image

Build Amazing Teams

Unlock productivity with a single team collaboration tool.

Keep everyone updated, regardless of where they work. Chat, share files, host team meetings, and manage tasks within one collaboration tool.

Manage your team's projects and tasks in real time.

Complete projects with confidence. Keep track of every task and find a project's files and conversations within seconds.

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Native Applications

Use our built-in suite of tools to keep your entire toolset in one workspace. Manage everything from one central location with a simple out of the box solution.

Customer Relationship


Easily expand the capabilities of your existing toolset with the power of NextOS. Bring all of your tools together into one secure workspace built for enterprise level work.

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