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Cloud communication is an open
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Here are just some of the benefits of Nextiva for Legal

Security & Compliance

Nextiva provides secure data centers across North America that are HIPAA and CPNI-compliant. Keep your data secure and protected against fraudulent activity.

Mobile Communication

Work today happens everywhere - not just at your desk, so it’s critical to be able to stay connected on the go. Never miss a call or chat with our mobile app.

Team Collaboration

Conduct meetings and collaborate with your team from anywhere (and anytime) with video conferencing, screen-sharing, and chat.

Advanced Features

Voicemail to email, online faxing, auto-attendant and IVR, conferencing, forwarding, and much more.

Professional Image

Make a big firm impression, even when you’re a one-person operation, with our auto-attendant and professional voice recording services.

Easy to Use

With Nextiva, there’s no need for an IT person. Our products are designed for easy setup and use, and our in-house award-winning support team is always here if you have questions.

Law offices across the country trust Nextiva

For secure, professional cloud communication

Ward Damon
Diener Law
Kaempfer Crowell
GK Gallagher and Kennedy
Joseph A Romano
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"One of the many reasons for switching to Nextiva is financial. We’re able to save over $1500 a month with Nextiva as compared with our previous provider...and the quality is crystal clear!"

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Eric Siu, CEO

"We love Nextiva's reliability and features like auto attendant, IVR and call routing. It gives us the appearance of a bigger more polished business."

Eric Siu, CEO
Single Grain
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