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What if your insurance agency could retain up to 95% of your customers?

95% — that’s the average retention rate for the top-performing insurance agencies in the nation. We’ll help you join their ranks.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find a bundle designed for insurance agents that also provides my agents with an easier way to track and manage all of our leads in one place!
Lincoln Salmon - Salmon Agency

Lincoln Salmon, Salmon Agency
Principal, an Allstate Agent

Mind blowing stats about
insurance agencies


It costs 6x more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.

There’s nothing more expensive than getting more leads and new customers.


Customers usually decide if they are going to leave within the first 30 days.

Retention starts at the beginning of the relationship—first impressions matter.

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Here’s how


helps insurance agencies double
their referrals and renewals.
Schedule automatic personalized sequence to different channels for every customer
Step 1
The first 30 days of service are the most important. Start connecting on day one.
Automate personalized email sequences for new policyholders that introduce your agency.
Truly know every single customer when you communicate with them.
Schedule automatic check-in calls, emails, and surveys to show you care about them.
Digital wallboard for visibility on team goal updates
Step 2
There's a better way to align your team's goals than whiteboards.
Keep your team aware of agency goals, milestones, and achievements. Digital wallboards make it easy.
Teams will know when something is off or needs adjustments. Solve problems proactively.
Every agent will be motivated to deliver a consistent, amazing experience to every customer.
Personalize customer interaction
Step 3
Create remarkable experiences worth sharing with friends and family.
Add a personal touch to every customer interaction. They'll know you care.
Keep the conversation going with your customers. You’ll know when they’re at risk of leaving.
Delight your best customers with gifts and promos that show you care. They'll brag about you to others.
Goldberg Hedgefunds success story video

Nextiva makes me more productive, more efficient because I can go into the details of what the client wants. At the end of the day, data is what creates our profits."

Daniel Goldberg, Goldberg HedgeFunds Read Daniel's story

Nextiva helps insurance agencies double their renewals and referrals.

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Eric Siu, CEO
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