Deliver Personalized Experiences With Inbound and Outbound

Resolve issues faster and offer tailored experiences so every customer feels like a VIP. Tie AI and powerful automations to every voice interaction, whether it reaches a human or not.


Blend virtual and human agents for seamless experiences.

Improve customer sales & service with conversational AI for easy self-service and efficient agent routing

Intelligent IVR

Enable customer self-service with speech-enabled IVR.

Omnichannel Routing

Connect customers to the best-fit agents based on business rules.

Contextual Insights

Equip agents with past interaction data to eliminate customer frustration from repetition, ensuring personalized experiences.

Boost sales with powerful outbound calling

Enhance agent efficiency and connections with AI-powered dialers and omnichannel workflows

Robust dialer

Speed up dialing with various outbound modes – predictive, power, progressive or blended

AI-powered campaigns

Boost efficiency with AI-driven outreach. 

Smart campaigns

Deliver personalized interactions on preferred channels.

Campaign Management

Track sales processes for greater efficiency.

Unlock the power of Nextiva Contact Center

Inbound and outbound ready

Don’t simply stay compliant on outbound – Nextiva delivers accurate personalization, with dynamic campaign management that ensures you call the right people at the right time. Route inbound calls to the correctly skilled agent. And deploy advanced routing models to customize how calls are treated in queue.

Additionally, Nextiva supports both inbound and outbound blending, as well as media blending by agent. This means agents can be set up to handle both inbound and outbound calls, and also be set up to handle multiple media types simultaneously.

Agentless/auto messaging

Automate outbound campaigns. Nextiva’s IVR engages your call list as soon as they answer. These interactions work natively with touch-tone input and can be customized to fit your specific needs within your phone system.

Dialing modes

Nextiva Contact Center offers a range of dialers tailored to your enterprise requirements:

1. Predictive Dialing: Minimize downtime between calls. Our platform predicts when Agents will be available and automatically calls multiple numbers until someone answers. The system screens out busy signals, voicemails, and unanswered calls, connecting Agents only to live calls.

2. Preview Dialing: Experience semi-automated Preview Dialing, also known as manual dialing. Agents can initiate outbound calls based on predefined goals set by their supervisors.

3. Priority Preview Dialing: An advanced version of Progressive Dialing where contact records are dynamically prioritized instead of following a static list. Nextiva supports REST APIs enabling you to seamlessly add and prioritize contact records on the fly.

4. Fully Automated Progressive Dialing: Automatically dials one number at a time per available Agent — ensuring Agents don’t get overwhelmed.

Scheduled callbacks

With Nextiva, every Agent has the capability to mark a call for a callback and schedule it using a pop-up scheduler. Callbacks can be personalized to return to the same Agent or redirected to the entire Agent pool for broader callback needs.

Campaign scheduling

Orchestrate targeted, personalized, and efficient outbound marketing campaigns across multiple channels, driving customer engagement, loyalty, and business growth.

Start and stop campaigns programmatically using Nextiva’s REST API, or schedule them to run according to your defined timetable.

Voice transcription

Transform voice calls into precise and searchable transcriptions with Nextiva. AI-powered Speech Adaptation gives you real-time, accurate transcriptions. You can customize it with specific words or phrases that are unique to your business, helping ensure you get actionable insights from every call.

Redaction and data loss protection

Mitigate data loss and stay PCI compliant. Nextiva’s AI can automatically find and redact Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive data within recordings and transcriptions — helping keep you and your customer protected.

Sentiment analysis

Gain deeper insights into your customers' interactions by understanding not only their words but also their emotions and underlying intentions when communicating with your team.

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