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Nextiva Voice Analytics

Built-in business intelligence software

Detailed drill-downs

Interact with your data

Interactive maps and graphs let you drill down to see the voice analytics data you need.

See how your incoming calls are distributed Zoom in, all the way to an individual call Look at data from any time period or in real time
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Call summary reports

See the big picture

Get a real-time overview of activity across your organization, as a summary or broken down by data type or unit of measure.

Voice Analytics

Speech Analytics

QA with ease

Get the full story

You can access call recordings directly from reports, rather than digging around to find them elsewhere.

Office wallboards

Identify and resolve issues faster

Wallboards can be displayed around your office to share real-time information with teams.

Trend Analysis Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards

See your voice analytics in one place

Customizable dashboards let you keep all the reports you care about most on one screen, to keep a finger on the pulse of your business.

Trend analysis

See it side-by-side

Compare activity data based on user, data type, or time period to measure performance of individual employees, locations, and even marketing campaigns.

Voice Analytics Data


Improve employee engagement (big time)

Organizations that deploy gamification can increase engagement up to 48%.

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