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  • All Growth Features +
  • Custom Integrations & Implementation
  • SLA Management
  • Queue Management
  • AI Routing
  • Complete Service Helpdesk
  • Additional Management Reporting


+ $99/mo for each additional user

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  • All Standard Features +
  • Suggested & Automated Responses
  • Competitor Analytics (3 Channels)
  • Historical Data Access (6 months)
  • Advanced Team Management
  • Client Management
  • Custom Access & Permissions
  • Custom Workflows & Routing
  • LiveChat
  • Custom Response Surveys
  • Additional Alerts & Notifications


+ $99/mo for each additional user

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  • Includes
  • All in one Inbox
  • Scheduling & Publishing
  • Ticketing & Helpdesk
  • Private & Bulk Messaging
  • Review Management
  • Listening & Monitoring
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Post & Channel Analytics
  • Basic Tags & Alerts
  • Survey (1 CSAT/NPS)
For more information on specific features or capabilities, send us a note via chat or call us at (888) 265-5794.

For additional information on social and reputation management read Nextiva's Terms & Conditions.

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Listen for company mentions, brand hashtags, core keywords, and more. See what people are saying about your company across all your social media channels, and manage engagement from a single social inbox.

Forget posting and commenting in real time. Save time and own your day by creating content in bulk and scheduling consistent posts.

All the publishing tools you need in one place. Create your own schedule to publish your posts for when your audience is most active.

Route comments, issues and questions to the right team member. Let every team member respond to inquiries, or get subject-matter experts to engage directly. Cut response time by using saved replies to common questions.

Manage online reviews 24/7 from one place. Don’t lose customers because of bad reviews.

Our AI-powered online reputation management platform helps you manage reviews across all review sites. It’s easy to use and gets results.

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What led us to looking for a new business phone was the efficiencies of Nextiva. The cost, capabilities, call recording, call groups, and being able to do the attendants and receptionist.

Phat Scooters
Phat Scooters
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I can’t really say enough about the support. Nextiva is top-notch when it comes to any issues that I have. It is thorough, it is responsive, and it’s professional.

Shelby American
Shelby American
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Communication is everything. The key reason we reached out to Nextiva is that we needed a bigger system than what we had.

Veterans Home Care
Veterans Home Care
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All features
Get a demo
Get a demo
Monitor & Engage
All-in-one social Inbox
View & respond to messages from all social channels from one place - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin.
Social Profiles included
Bulk messaging
Reply to multiple posts at once and ignore spam.
Private messaging
Live chat on all private messaging channels - Facebook messenger, Twitter Chat and Instagram Chat.
Message alerts
Get alerts based on pre‑defined rules that align with your business priority.
Message escalations
Escalate specific alerts based on your business priorities.
Schedule & Publish
Schedule messages
Schedule posts across different channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumblr.
Publishing calendar
View all your posts in a calendar view.
URL Shortener
Create simple URL Shortener.
Approval workflows
Build pre-approval process. Ensure brand consistency by reviewing messages before they are sent.
Media tagging
Tag assets to organize them so you can quickly find it.
Productivity (Routing, Tagging & Auto‑Response)
Automations included
Manual categorization of messages and tickets.
Auto reply
Auto reply to reflect your business hours.
SLA Management
Manage responses and resolutions within defined SLA's.
Intelligent Routing
Route customer messages to the right team based on skills, context or virality of the messages.
Auto Tagging
Auto categorization of messages and tickets based on defined criteria.
Suggested Responses
Category based responses and suggested responses
Voice of the Customer
Gather Customer feedback by sending surveys.
Survey Analytics
Identify customer sentiments and trends based on survey rating.
Company Dashboards
Track company metrics to monitor effectiveness, response and resolution times of all posts.
Listening Insights
Drive deeper insights by monitoring what people are saying about your brand.
Team Dashboard
Track team metrics to monitor performance of posts sent by specific teams.
Indivudual Dashboards
Track individual metrics to monitor performance of posts sent by individual.
Channel Analytics
Track channel metrics to monitor performance of each social media channel.
Management Information System (MIS) Reports
Get detailed metrics across your company - team logins, replies and activities etc.
Management Information System (MIS) Scheduler
Schedule MIS Reports.
Tag Dashboard
Monitor performance and trends for tags.
Competitor Analytics
Get competitive insights from social channels.
Integration with, Siebel, Dynamics 365 and other software.
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Eric Siu, CEO

"We love Nextiva's reliability and features like auto attendant, IVR and call routing. It gives us the appearance of a bigger more polished business."

Eric Siu, CEO
Single Grain
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"Nextiva puts all my customer data in one place. I can view account history, notes and documents from one screen. Nextiva takes the guesswork out of customer relationships."

Chris Brencans
Chris Brencans, CMO On The Map Marketing

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