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Scalable & efficient

Improve call center deployment speed

Instantly access enterprise-grade contact center solutions and quickly scale to respond to fluctuations in activity volume without changing your infrastructure settings. Maintain efficient staffing so your customers don't remain on hold. Provide automated call-back and responses to your incoming callers, chats, and emails. Increase your first contact resolution through advanced routing options.

Contact Center Solutions

Omnichannel solutions

Omnichannel solutions

Communicate on every channel with Contact Center

With Nextiva Contact Center plans, voice, email, and chat are managed and administered in one portal to eliminate siloed voice and non-voice interactions. Interactions for all channels are stored together, eliminating the need for multiple tracking tools.

Complete visibility

Utilize a flexible staffing structure

Nextiva's management system allows you to monitor and modify your employees' communication, regardless of where they are located. Route incoming calls to employees based on agent or team skill sets. Staff based on customer demand and route overflow calls to external agents. Monitor call volume and flow through your dashboard and activity reports.

Utilize a flexible staffing structure

Modern mobility

Manage your call center communications from anywhere

Utilize the NextOS unified communications online dashboard to instantly monitor the pulse of your business throughout the workday.

Manage your dashboard on any internet browser or mobile device. Identify bottlenecks, availability issues, and employee productivity. Manage all of your incoming and outgoing communications with one simple click.

Call Center Management

Experience dramatic cost savings

Fiscally a no-brainer

Experience dramatic cost savings

With minimal upfront costs and flexible pricing, companies of any size experience dramatic cost savings with call center phone service in the cloud. Use your existing devices to reduce office hardware requirements. Blend your on-premise and virtual agents to minimize rent expenses. Nextiva’s hosted contact centers don’t require complex equipment.

Interactive voice recognition

Get your IVR on

So many ways to significantly boost your efficiency and customer experience

Appointment Maker

Enable customers to call at any time and schedule their own appointments.

Appointment Maker easily creates a self-service application that automates the entire process and keeps all schedules updated. It’s the solution that means your office is open 24 hours a day to schedule appointments.

  • Empower customers with self-service appointment booking
  • Easily create the conversation to direct booking options
  • Realize savings through automated scheduling

Password Reset

Authentication and automation solves the password reset problem.

Password Reset uses biometric security to authenticate callers when they telephone to request a password reset.

  • Empower employees to securely reset their own passwords automatically
  • Extend the functionality through integration with your own help desk system
  • Realize significant savings through automation and productivity gains

Snow Days

Automate “No school today” announcements to ensure everyone gets the message.

Snow Days automatically contacts the entire community to issue alerts and instructions such as snow days and can be used in any situation to contact a defined community with a single clear message.

  • Quickly create custom announcements and instructions
  • Easily define (and maintain) your community list
  • Keep agile by automating announcements and deploying staff to other tasks


A simple and secure timekeeping application for remote employees.

Teleclock creates and deploys powerful secure voice biometric solutions for mobile and remote employees, quickly, and easily without the need for a network connection or remote devices.

  • Realize superior security with voice biometrics
  • Extend corporate security beyond the IP network
  • Recognize the need to support the mobile workforce

Appointment Reminder

Minimize no shows and cancellations with an automated appointment reminder system.

Appointment Reminder easily helps you create an automated solution that references your bookings and places a courtesy call to remind the customer of the appointment.

  • Quickly create and update courtesy reminder calls
  • Extend the value of your other systems by integrating appointment reminders
  • Realize savings by minimizing no-shows

Product Recall

Respond quickly and consistently. Protect the customer relationship and your brand.

Product Recall extends your customer care to provide customized outbound calling in the event of a product recall.

  • Be sure of the agility to react quickly and create customized messaging
  • Be equipped to create and deploy a recall without technical support
  • Be confident that messaging is consistent, compliance is documented

Subscription Lookup

Enable customers to review their subscription or membership details whenever it suits.

Subscription Lookup allows customers to review details of their subscription or membership without the need to speak to an agent.

  • Provide the option of self-service and free your agents for higher value tasks
  • Empower customers to review membership details at any time
  • Extend the range of options available by integration with other systems

Track & Trace

Increase self-service options and reduce costs by automating transactional calls.

Track + Trace lets the caller query their order status at any time.

  • Realize more value from your agents by diverting transactional calls
  • Empower customers with anytime self-service
  • Easily extend the solution through integration with CRM system


Collect your money sooner by automating the collection process.

Collections helps you manage the collection process in-house so you can collect more money sooner without diverting the attention of your staff from business as usual.

  • Easy to implement, customize and manage
  • Simple to integrate with internal systems
  • Extend the solution to include a payment gateway


Enhance the customer experience with an activation announcement.

Service Activation means it’s quick and easy to create automated welcome messages rather than relying on field staff or reactive messaging. You can create personalized messages using the power of text-to-speech and schedule the calls to synchronize with service activation. It’s a quick, smart and powerful approach to customer service communications.

  • Easily customize the templated call flow right in the browser
  • Quickly specify the call distribution list by uploading a spreadsheet
  • Realize savings by automating calls


Minimize lost revenue and maintain the relationship by automating renewal reminders for your subscribers.

Subscription Reminder will keep your subscriber base safe and revenue protected by automatically reminding your subscribers to renew.

  • Protect and extend your subscriber base with proactive messaging
  • Easily customize “the conversation” to include special offers
  • Quickly create topical themed messages and campaigns


Give your most important customers the preferential treatment they deserve.

VIP Router recognizes your priority customers and ensures they receive special treatment such as call back option.

  • Empower the business team to create and deploy VIP applications
  • Recognize preferred customers and provide superior service
  • Easily extend with additional services such as Q-for-Me


Introduce self-service for customers to check support ticket status.

Inbound Ticketing self-service option lets customers check their own support ticket status and greatly reduces the burden on your help desk staff.

  • Extend the self-service option to customers
  • Simple to create and easy to extend through integration
  • Realize cost savings by automating calls


Make informed decisions to provide better service with smart call routing.

Smart Attendant refines the IVR experience by querying web services or table lookups to recognize your customers.

  • Get smarter and better informed now. It’s easy with Nextiva
  • Recognize the power of the consumer and create a personalized experience
  • Realize a new level of customization with the agility of no code creation


Automatically alert your customers when the status of their support ticket changes.

Support Ticket Update has your team take the initiative and report updates rather than responding to incoming calls.

  • Extend your approach to customer service with automated updates
  • Quickly create and deploy custom campaigns for individual customers
  • Scale the solution to support multiple campaigns


Route calls to the right destination based on the zip code of the caller.

Zip Code Router directs callers to the right destination based on their location using a single memorable contact number to serve all locations.

  • Extend personalized services to customers based on location
  • Easily customize the application to include region specific messages
  • Realize significant savings by centralizing and consolidating contact numbers


Automate order lookup calls and let your agents focus on higher value activities.

Order Lookup gives customers the power to track orders and frees your agents for more productive activities.

  • Quickly create prompts and call handling logic in the browser
  • Easily amend and update the application at any time
  • Easily amend and update the application at any time. Extend self-service options to customers and realize significant savings


Route your customer calls based on your business hours and public holidays.

Smart Router works in the background to apply the business rules you specify to achieve the best possible customer experience.

  • Empower your contact center with smart routing
  • Extend the value through integration with other solutions
  • Quick to create and easy to implement, review and enhance


Gain valuable insight from your customers with automated survey calls.

Survey helps you collect vital data from customers, prospects and employees using automated telephone surveys.

  • Get started quickly with multiple sample templates
  • Realize operational efficiencies based on real insight
  • Extend through integration with your CRM system or create stand-alone campaigns

See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.

Contact an Amazing Service
Sales Expert
(800) 799-0600

See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.

Contact an Amazing Service
Sales Expert
(800) 799-0600

See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.

Contact an Amazing Service
Sales Expert
(800) 799-0600

See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.

Contact an Amazing Service
Sales Expert
(800) 799-0600

See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.

Contact an Amazing Service
Sales Expert
(800) 799-0600

See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.

Contact an Amazing Service
Sales Expert
(800) 799-0600

See how Nextiva will transform
the way you communicate.