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Call reporting

See the big picture: Get a real-time overview of activity across your organization.

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Monitor performance

Identify and resolve issues faster: Broadcast real-time information with customized Wallboards.

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Gamify performance

Improve employee engagement (big time): Companies using gamification can increase engagement up to 48%.

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Record, rate,
& share calls

Make every call count. Access call recordings directly from reports. Listen to, analyze, take notes on, and share call recordings.

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Customize reports & dashboards

Customize dashboards to see the reports you care about on one screen and keep a finger on the pulse of your business.

Voice Analytics FAQs

A built-in set of analytics, dashboards and reports that provide insights on call performance. It also includes Advanced Call Recording, which allows a manager to assess the conversation.

Call metrics include call volume by time of day, calls answered, missed, and abandoned, calls by location, person, call volume tied to a specific campaign, length of call, and more.

Base analytics is included in all phone packages and is limited to only 90 days of data. Call history is basic info only, and includes call log reports. Voice Analytics is an add-on package that allows you to see even further insights into your business such as, report and analyze data from inception of your account, advanced features for actionable insights across the business, and helps managers optimize process and run the business efficiently.

Basic analytics allows you to report on 90 days of data, and Voice analytics allows you to report on all the historical data from the start of your service.

Track the good, the bad, and the fixes with Analytics

Keep eyes on your numbers

The first step toward improvement is getting real about the current state of things. Start with what you know — and create a plan for growth.

Getting real with your data doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Nextiva Analytics intuitively displays meaningful data with consumable, real-time visuals.

What is the Analytics add-on for Nextiva?

Nextiva Voice Analytics is a built-in set of analytics, dashboards and reports that provide you with the actionable insights you need to run your business. Voice Analytics was built with the business operations manager in mind – create dashboards that allow you to see everything from call center metrics to customized reports that all you to hone in on how to improve employee performance.

With Nextiva Analytics, you’ll have all the data you can handle, right at your fingertips, so you can quickly see how the business is performing and what actions you can take to optimize it.

How does the Analytics add-on work?

Nextiva Voice Analytics operates within our platform, right where the calls happen. This is the most efficient way to get real-time data on the call analytics. Our built-in analytics tool is designed to function natively and seamlessly with our other products. Voice Analytics gives you unprecedented visibility into your call data and employee activity, both historically and in real-time as it happens.

With Nextiva Analytics, you’ll know how many calls were abandoned or went to voicemail, who are the top performers on your team based on call log or time to resolution, call volume by phone numbers, and so much more.

What features and data are included in the analytics package?

Monitor all your critical metrics from one place – compare the number of calls answered per day, by team, to evaluate performance. Scorecards, interactive graphs, call trends with historical and real-time call data, it’s all here.

Directly from the dashboard, you can see data such as:

  • Total calls
  • Total talk time
  • Outbound talk time
  • Average handle time
  • And more!

What’s different about the Nextiva analytics product?

One of the biggest frustrations businesses face is the lack of connection between that data in your analytics software and the calls themselves. Nextiva Voice Analytics are included directly in the platform where you take and make calls, and that data is available in real time.

No more buying high-end packages with call center metrics – Nextiva Voice Analytics are pre-packaged and easy to use right out of the box. No setup needed. As a result, with our competitors businesses that do not use call centers and advanced workforce management functionality are being left behind and relying at best on rudimentary analytics.

At Nextiva, our goal is not just to provide products but help you to run your business better. Our Voice Analytics have built-in business intelligence to help you make better decisions, faster. Based on data, of course. You’ll get access to interactive maps and graphics that let you drill down on the data you need, or take the big picture and get a real-time overview of call activity across your organization. Then slice it and dice it however you want.

What are the business challenges solved by Call Analytics?

Many businesses lack the ability to see in depth analytics and insights into how their teams are performing. With Nextiva Call Analytics, businesses have the ability to optimize how their business is run.

Monitor team performance. Gain insights into how many calls were abandoned or went to voicemail? See how often you are missing customer calls and losing business you don’t even know about. Are you missing calls that result in missing sales, or even losing a customer? Find out who is your top performer and who makes the most calls. Then, use the custom dashboards to create a leaderboard so your managers can run contests among staff to boost performance. There is so much Nextiva Call Analytics can offer your business.

Optimize staff schedules. The Nextiva Analytics dashboard allows you to monitor the number of inbound, outbound, and missed calls during specific times of the day. Utilize this information to determine high and low call volume periods and adjust your staffing needs accordingly.

Increase sales productivity. Use Nextiva Analytics to evaluate overall talk time, call duration, average handle time, and call volume per individual. Utilize this information to evaluate staff performance, increase training as needed, make a plan to use automation to route calls to the staff members who are best equipped to handle certain inquiries.

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How to increase customer satisfaction & agent productivity

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Nextiva voice analytics

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How to view analytics report

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