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Business Analytics

Reveal the truth.
Act with confidence.

Use our built-in business intelligence software to reveal hidden insights that allow your whole company to make better business decisions. Resolve issues faster. Break free from bottlenecks. Increase employee performance.


Predict the future.

Turn data into actionable information to gain a competitive advantage. Instantly access historical data to make informed, objective business decisions. Be able to predict future business outcomes based on prior performance and get a snapshot of your business at any time.

Standard and Custom Reports

Instantly view the data you’re interested in.

View activity for your entire organization. Filter down to specific locations or users. Create custom reports tailored to your business needs. Then build custom dashboards to see the reports you care about most on one screen. There’s absolutely no integration needed.

Dashboard highlighting call data including total calls, cases by topic and  total cases.
Monitoring Tools

Empower agile decision making company-wide.

Display business performance statistics company-wide with customized Wallboards. Broadcast real time information and react to, identify, and resolve issues faster with more decisive solutions.

Man looking at wallboards including containing statistics such as total calls (today), and total call time.

Business is a journey.
Use data as your compass.

Gamify your employee performance data to encourage big wins.

Create daily competition to motivate performance. Increase employee engagement by up to 48%. Celebrate the success of big performers company-wide.

Dashboard showing employee rankings based on call data.

Know exactly how each customer's experience is going.

Our Sentiment Analysis scans communications for words that indicate a positive or negative experience. Customer accounts are flagged and escalated automatically.

Card highlight key phrases that are indicative of a positive or negative sentiment.

Every call counts. Call recording & rating make QA a breeze.

Access call recordings directly from reports. Listen, rate, and share your call recordings with teammates. Generate reports that analyze and organize your calls.

Card showing a call recording and accompanying ratings on an employee's performance on the call.

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Something for Everyone

Your whole company. Stronger. Smarter. Faster.


View your most business-critical reports on one screen with Custom Dashboards


Get all your multi-channel support data in one place.


Learn more about your customers using Surveys. Always be one step ahead with your customer service.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets - create your own custom reports to quickly show the data you need.


“Nextiva provided us with a system that's easy to use and will meet our needs today and in the future.”

Bob MacDonald - Director of IT, Point Sebago Read Bob’s Story

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