Coach Micheal Burt

CEO/Founder | Micheal Burt Enterprises


4 Steps to Becoming a Sales Goliath

To be a sales Goliath there are four big structures you have to build in your business that most people never build. They have to have a world-class explanation of service, a prospecting and selling system, incredible follow-up and understand how to extract 5.7 referrals out of every transaction. In this dynamic presentation, Coach Micheal Burt, one of the top business coaches in the country, will show you the four steps you need to become a sales Goliath. Coach Burt is a different kind of coach. Known as “The Million Dollar Machine,” he has taken a decade of his own intensity, focus, and relentless pursuit of making an impact and created strategies to help you surpass your goals. The 700 to 1000 entrepreneurs and business owners he coaches every month continue to show 43% or more increase in sales within one year. Don't miss this powerful session with Coach Burt, the Super Coach.


Coach Micheal Burt is quickly becoming the go to business coach for top performers around the world. The 13X best selling author of power books such as “Person of Interest,” “Million Dollar Follow Up,” and “Inside the Mind of a Monster,” Burt knows how to “inner engineer” people to win at the highest levels.

With a deep methodology in coaching the whole person this former Championship Women's Basketball coach retired at age 31 to create the coaching program Monster Producer which has quickly grown to over 700 participants around the world.

Burt is a master at connecting and instilling a contagious confidence in those he communicates with and believes deeply in “energy with substance.”


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