Cathryn Valladares

Nextiva Brand Advocate | Nextiva


Where Do We Go From Here?

How do you take the plethora of information obtained from Nextcon back to your business? Join us for a discussion about the current trends in the industry and how Nextiva fits in, how to position Nextiva in the marketplace and most importantly learn how to let Nextiva create success for you!


Cathryn Valladares started her professional career as a teacher. Graduating from DePaul University with a BA in Education, she was set on her way to make a difference. Some years later, she continued her Education in Social Work and spent time learning people. While these studies were a great investment, Cathryn quickly developed a desire to solution solve for people. This new passion changed career choices and Cathryn rapidly became a technical expert. Cathryn came to Nextiva with a vast background in IP infrastructure, network infrastructure and technical sales. Her overall wealth of technical knowledge coupled with her strong desire to provide solutions for a variety of organizational structures has positioned her as a leader in the industry. Her all-encompassing approach to the technical sale truly sets her skill level apart and is evidenced by a track record of gaining a Fortune 100 customer following. While her expertise is upmarket, her dedication to solution solving makes her an asset in any sales process. Throughout her many years in the industry she has perfected her craft in such a way that she can speak to all levels of experience and understanding to technically and professionally create a solution. Since joining Nextiva she has held many roles in both Engineering and Sales. Her expertise and drive for a solution coupled with her innate compassion for people allow her to truly bring value to the solution.


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