How WorldLink Improved Their CSAT Score to 78% With Nextiva Social & Reputation Management





Nepal’s largest internet services provider, WorldLink managed 400,000 active customers. As can be expected for a company of its size, WorldLink had a significant volume of monthly support tickets. Lacking a customer support platform, WorldLink relied on high-touch, manual workflows within a variety of communication channels. The team needed a solution that would allow their team to:

  • Respond to support tickets more efficiently
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Provide omnichannel support

With these requirements in mind, Nextiva Social & Reputation Management (formerly Simplify360) emerged as the obvious choice.


The first task? Connecting WorldLink’s social channels, app reviews, and multiple live chat options (WhatsApp, Viber, GBM, and web chat) into Nextiva’s all-in-one inbox. Being more available meant they needed to scale service, and automated workflows empowered WorldLink’s agents to process over 20,000 tickets per month. By adopting automations, they freed up time previously dedicated to tedious manual tasks and improved their average first response time (FRT) to less than 15 minutes per ticket.

WorldLink also prioritized sending customer surveys to gauge satisfaction. The initial trial run netted an industry-leading 44% response rate and earned WorldLink a company-best 78.9% CSAT score. The team also implemented social listening to understand how WorldLink and their competitors were perceived in the market.

This improved insight through surveys and social listening allowed the WorldLink leadership to make more informed product and service decisions and create data-driven strategies for business growth.

Capabilities used

All-in-one inbox
Social Listening