Transforming An Outsourcing Leader With AI

Sequential Technology International, stands out in the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry by offering the best of both worlds. Sequential Tech offers the high-quality solutions of a large company, while maintaining the agile and cost-effective approach of a boutique firm.

The team serves a wide variety of industries—including healthcare, telecommunications, and legal sectors. This multi-industry client base requires a flexible and customer-centric approach to maintain their high quality standards.

Chief Technology Officer Michael Fitzpatrick saw an opportunity to enhance their agent performance and manage their complex client demands with a new communication platform—Nextiva’s Customer Experience Suite.

Plan: Customer Experience Suite

Founded: 1971

Favorite features: Voice, Skills-Based Routing, Analytics

“When we pivoted towards the Nextiva platform, we were able to get into a low-code, no-code environment, which allows us to do a lot of first and second-level customizations through drag and drop, configurations—even proof of concept advanced configurations just through the interface itself.”

Michael Fitzpatrick
CTO Sequential Technology

AI-Powered Customer Service

Nextiva’s Customer Experience Suite features Agent Assistive AI to empower the customer service team to provide better, faster, and more personalized service than ever before. 

Nextiva’s cloud-based infrastructure deploys a number of advanced solutions for the Sequential Tech team, including:

  • Real-Time Knowledge Surfacing
    Rather than waiting for a response or searching a clunky database, agents receive relevant information promptly and give accurate responses in seconds.
  • Sentiment Analysis
    Agents can tailor interactions based on the customer’s mood and establish a deeper connection.
  • Real-Time Scorecarding
    Managers can monitor agent performance in a number of areas—including adherence to best practices, legal requirements, and contractual obligations.

Enriching Agent Interactions

Nextiva Customer Experience Suite also features Dynamic CTI (computer/telephony integration) to bridge the gap between Sequential Tech’s systems.

This integration creates a seamless process for both agents and customers. Agents can access detailed customer history and context-specific scripts instantly, eliminating wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

Fitzpatrick notes, “Being able to pull in information from CRM that says ‘this individual is calling again’ is really helpful for us. Dynamic CTI is pulling from multiple sources and guiding the agent throughout the process.”

Agent assistive technologies are huge in their ability to make people feel more confident in their job, more productive in their job, eliminate burnout, and be able to truly measure who’s doing a great job.

Michael Fitzpatrick

Key Takeaways

Agent Assistive AI supercharges your customer service team’s performance
Dynamic CTI integrates your CRM and telephony for seamless communication
Measure your team’s performance 
and maintain quality standards with Real-Time Scorecarding

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