Achieving 95% customer satisfaction with Nextiva Social Media & Reputation Management




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Manually managing the incredible volume of customer interactions on social media and review sites for 17 global brands was becoming untenable and wasn’t scalable. Tablez experienced:

Unmanageable social interactions: They lacked software to help staff handle the onslaught of customer interactions via social media and multiple review sites.

Inadequate attention to customers: Customers weren’t getting the attention they deserved, and the brand reputation was suffering.

Overwhelmed staff: Staff was inundated by a huge volume of social messages and online reviews.

Scattered data: Rich customer data was buried within individual social apps and a multitude of review sites. There was no one place to monitor customer sentiment and spot trends.

No Google Business presence: There was no scalable way to create and manage Google Business pages for the brand’s 150 locations.


Tablez partnered with Nextiva Social Media and Reputation Management (formerly Simplify360) to manage and streamline online customer service and review management.

With a single inbox, Tablez could scale online customer care to efficiently handle over 400,000 cases per month and manage all their review sites. Customer satisfaction is now at 85-95% and the Net Promoter Score is 90%.

With Nextiva Social and Nextiva Reputation Management, they created one platform, and one inbox to monitor all social channels, engage with customers, analyze social media performance, and manage their review sites.

Tablez scaled online customer service by incorporating automation, intelligent routing, and bulk responses.

Additionally, they were able to stand up and manage Google Business pages for 150 locations within the 17-brand conglomerate.

Tablez also started a new initiative of survey management to better understand their customers and improve customer satisfaction.

The partnership between Tablez and Nextiva Social and Reputation Management allowed Tablez to handle high-volume customer conversations so customers received the premium customer service and the attention they deserved.

Capabilities used

Bulk response
Intelligent routing