How Rack Attack Is Driving Customer Service Excellence With Nextiva



Rack Attack is North America’s premier retailer and installer of rack systems for cars, bikes, kayaks and more. With over one million customers to date, the company credits Nextiva for simplifying its continual growth with exceptionally dependable communications.

Rack Attack sells and installs every kind of vehicle roof rack and cargo carrier imaginable. Expanding to over 40 locations since 1996, the Thule 5-Star Dealer needed a powerful yet easy-to-use communications system to support its knowledgeable customer service teams.

Favorite Features: Call Analytics, App Mobility, Security

“I can’t think of another provider that would be as reliable and as easy to use as Nextiva has been.”

Expert customer service is what sets Rack Attack apart from the competition, says Regional Manager Blake Mooney. The popular company boasts brisk walk-in sales, so finding a reliable business phone service provider was crucial for handling the continual influx of customer phone calls.

Many customers travel long distances for Rack Attack’s unique capabilities and expertise. As a destination retailer with over 40 locations, its direct-to-consumer model meant dependable communications were vital to its sales strategy.

Rapidly growing to over 40 locations also meant Rack Attack needed a simple way to scale its high call performance standards internally, externally, and remotely. Call recording, video conferencing, seamless routing, and instant messaging were key needs in its search for a communications system.

Being heavily reliant on voice communication, Rack Attack discovered that Nextiva had the chops to fortify both its phone capabilities and overall performance.

“Seeing NextivaONE is really inspiring. Our corporate office uses it. We’re actually really excited to be able to use it in the stores,” says Mooney.

Supporting Sales Staff with Fail-Safe Communications

Nextiva emerged as the perfect partner for Rack Attack. The cloud-based services provided the flexibility and reliability Rack Attack needed for multiple retail stores, warehouse operations, and home office administration.

The ability to take calls from anywhere on any device transformed the way Rack Attack operated. Most of all, Nextiva provided the communications dependability Rack Attack’s stellar staff deserved.

We don’t have to worry about anything that’s more or less out of our control. Nextiva takes care of that for us.

Blake Mooney

Choosing Nextiva as its primary provider throughout North America, Rack Attack’s customers, tech, sales, support, and admin teams are now always reliably connected. The company no longer worries about dropped or misrouted calls. Nextiva’s power, flexibility, and mobility makes it an invaluable tool for delivering Rack Attack’s superior service while continuing to grow.

Results from Switching to Nextiva

With Nextiva, Rack Attack has been able to: