How Phoenix Rising Is Scoring Big with Nextiva

Phoenix Rising is a professional soccer team that unites the people of Arizona through the love of the game. They chose Nextiva to help them grow in customer awareness and increase ticket sales while strengthening connectivity and security.

Founded in 2014, Phoenix Rising is a winning team in the USL Championship League known for its passionate fan base. To keep pace with their bold outreach efforts, they needed a secure mobile communication system with powerful connectivity, scalability, and call analytics.

Favorite Features: Call Analytics, App Mobility, Security

“Mobility and security were two important factors when selecting our telephone provider. Nextiva does a great job.”

Joey Castor, Phoenix Rising’s Director of Partnership, says ticket sales are key to the team’s mission of uniting Arizona communities through soccer. “Each ticket sale,” he says, “is an opportunity to expose a new individual to our team and provide them a great experience.”

To reach as many new potential fans as possible, Phoenix Rising needed a communication’s platform with truly seamless connectivity. Robust security was also crucial to the team’s customer confidentiality and community outreach efforts.

Finally, the team needed a system that offered a suite of insightful analytics. Tracking these valuable figures would allow them to identify new growth opportunities and stimulate repeat business.

Director of Ticket Sales Eric Barrera says that Nextiva offered everything Phoenix Rising needed, including the ability to inspire creative strategies from his sales team.

For example, Barrera uses Nextiva’s analytics feature to incentivize contests that generate excitement – and transactions – on the sales floor. “We’ve even had some of our players make calls using the Nextiva app,” he says.

Most of all, says Barrera, Nextiva gives his staff the mobility, connectivity, and security to build customer relationships, in-house camaraderie, and “really kick down some new doors” with ticket sales.

Netting Victories with Mobility and Connectivity

Phoenix Rising has seen a significant improvement in their business operations and sales since acquiring Nextiva. The team’s consistent growth in ticket volume has meant moving to progressively larger venues nearly every season.

Barrera says the Nextiva app is very beneficial for his reps because its mobility allows them to work from anywhere. As a result, Phoenix Rising has been able to more effectively manage their customer relationships, grow their fan base, and achieve their mission of uniting communities through soccer.

First impressions are everything in sports entertainment. Having strong connectivity for sales reps to stay available for members and customers is important. Nextiva definitely provides that.

Eric Barrera

Choosing Nextiva has been a game-changer for Phoenix Rising. Nextiva’s comprehensive and scalable communications solution not only meets their current needs, but also offers the flexibility to scale and adapt with the growing club’s evolving goals.

Game-Changing Results

With Nextiva, Phoenix Rising has been able to: