How Phat Scooters Uses Nextiva to Create the Best Customer Experience Every Time.




Phat Scooters is a high-end electric scooter maker based in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2020, they adopted Nextiva to empower their customer support team to better serve their customers and improve their overall business decision-making

Founded in 2017, Phat Scooters sells high-end electric scooters to consumers around the world, servicing customers such as Bill Murray and Jeremy Renner. In Fall 2020, they began to search for an alternative business phone platform to their previous business phone provider, Verizon.

Favorite Features: Call Recording, Call Groups, App, Auto-Attendant

Upgrading Customer Service with Call Recording and Mobility

According to Phat Scooters President and CEO Derrick Mains, phones are the lynchpin of Phat Scooters’ go-to market strategy. “Right now we are only direct-to-consumer, so our customers actually have to pick up the phone and call us.” Says Mains.

With voice communication playing a central role in their business, Phat Scooters needed an upgrade in their business phone functionality. First, they faced major issues with Verizon’s capabilities and overall performance. Calls were not being routed properly and Phat Scooters lacked visibility into sales and support team activity. Verizon also failed to provide options for employees in the field who were using personal cell phones.

Finally, Phat Scooters needed visibility into how their calls were performing. Namely, they needed a system that could support call recording and help their customer support team maintain conversation quality as they scaled.

Phat Scooters Head of People Ops Ashley Fairchild began to research alternatives to Verizon, and quickly came across Nextiva. She became enamored with the call recording and remote capabilities of Nextiva, and adopted the platform to replace Verizon.

“What led us to looking for a new business phone was the need for the types of efficiencies Nextiva provided – the cost, capabilities, call recording, call groups, and being able to do the attendants and receptionist.” Fairchild said.

Upgrading Customer Service with Call Recording and Mobility

Since adopting Nextiva, Phat Scooters has experienced massive improvements in business productivity and overall customer experience.

“We’re averaging about 250 orders a month right now.” Mains says. “We’re trying to start really ramping that up. We’ve made a lot of lean improvements here in the last three months and we’re actually producing orders pretty much as they come in. That’s really going to help us in our distribution strategy for 2021.”