OTK Case Study


OTK is a publicly traded healthcare BPO. OTK’s core business revolves around two key pillars involving health insurance companies.

First, they perform advanced analytics on files provided by health insurers with the goal of identifying health plan members who may benefit from behavioral health coaching programs to help manage chronic diseases. Second, they perform outreach and recruiting to enroll eligible health plan members into a multi-month behavioral health coaching program. Their use case for a contact center involves the recruiting, enrollment, service delivery, and retention of health plan members into behavioral health coaching programs.

In need of a cloud-native platform, OTK chose Nextiva for its ability to integrate with a proprietary CRM/health record system and its omnichannel automation capabilities. Since going live with Nextiva, OTK has exceeded recruiting goals on 93% of business days, improved agent and customer experiences, and reduced vendor count and cost for multichannel outreach.

Nextiva for Healthcare BPOs

OTK and Nextiva’s success to date demonstrates how Nextiva enables healthcare enterprises to offer seamless, AI-enabled, automation-rich experiences to agents and customers in a secure, compliant environment.

  • Nextiva is HIPAA/HITRUST compliant, with certifications awarded by a third-party auditing firm.
  • Nextiva integrates seamlessly into FHIR-spec databases, enabling contact center agents to work more efficiently in a single pane of glass.
  • Nextiva enables fast prototyping and deployment of complex automated multichannel campaigns and journey orchestration, delivering real uplift on the metrics that matter.

Goals and Selection Criteria

  • OTK was underperforming on its patient recruiting pipeline conversions.
  • The business needed to expand the recruiting funnel to meet quarterly targets and Wall Street expectations.
  • OTK’s back-end systems were antiquated, rendering it impossible to implement necessary changes.
  • OTK’s prior contact center involved a complex mix of on-premises Shoretel equipment, an internally-built Salesforce application, a proprietary database, and a third-party SMS provider.

Technology Upgrade

  • OTK sought to increase recruiting conversions via process automation, load balancing, and quality management.
  • Furthermore, OTK aimed to reduce vendor count, eliminating an SMS vendor that was not performing.
  • OTK also sought to add an email channel for recruiting and service delivery.

Results & Benefits

Nextiva has rapidly and sustainably improved OTK’s performance and agent/ consumer experience.

Together, Nextiva and OTK executed a technology transfer that OTK’s CTO called “the smoothest I’ve ever seen.” With a Phase 1 focused on a 1:1 replacement for Shoretel, the teams quickly moved to a fast-follow that saw Nextiva offer OTK rapid advancements in performance thanks to Nextiva’s no-code Native Process Automation capabilities. Since then, the teams have collaborated on significant initiatives that helped OTK achieve record growth.

BeforeWith Nextiva
OTK’s Shoretel system presented persistent voice quality issues due to on-premises equipment and nationally distributed network of at-home agents.Nextiva deployed a 1:1 replacement for OTK’s legacy system in a matter of weeks. Nextiva’s cloud-native architecture and strong infrastructure provider partnerships resolved OTK’s agent voice quality issues, improving the agent and customer experience.
OTK’s third party SMS provider was cumbersome, prohibitively expensive, and difficult to administer.Nextiva cut OTK’s SMS costs in half.
OTK’s existing SMS program required each nurse practitioner to have a separate number, incurring significant inefficiencies for system administration..Nextiva provided OTK with a unique SMS offering: a single number that would route messages to the nurse practitioner assigned to a given member. This offers a significantly improved customer and agent experience that also maintained HIPAA compliance.
OTK’s case counts for nurse practitioners were imbalanced, with some exceeding quotas and others substantially below target.Nextiva implemented load balancing algorithms to route calls to agents based on clinical case counts.
OTK had no comprehensive quality management program, leaving administrators largely in the dark regarding agent performance.Nextiva enabled AI-powered near real-time quality management.

Additional Successes

  • Increased conversions, enabling client to hit quarterly enrollment targets.
  • Optimized patient load across 300+ clinicians via intelligent routing and third-party database connections.
  • Performed over 5 million analyses of SMS messages involving the potentially life-saving detection of the intent to self-harm or cause harm to others.