Improving Customer Response Time By 98% With Nextiva’s Brand Management Suite



Hyundai, a global automotive leader based in South Korea, is renowned for its innovative vehicles and commitment to quality.

Their collaboration with Nextiva, a leading business communication platform, helped Hyundai streamline customer interactions by leveraging Nextiva’s Brand Management Suite. Through this partnership, Hyundai enhanced its ability to monitor, analyze, and respond to customer feedback across various channels. This improved Hyundai’s customer satisfaction by enabling more effective communication and proactive engagement, reinforcing their commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Favorite features: Intelligent routing, surveys, reporting & analytics


When you are one of the largest car manufacturers
on the planet, reputation is everything. But
managing your reputation at scale isn’t easy—
especially with multiple social media channels and
tens of thousands of reviews every month. The
brand struggled with:

  • Missing information
    Some locations didn’t have Google or Facebook pages at all.
  • Verification & setup issues
    Many pages had improper ownership, preventing easy access.
  • Duplicate listings
    With multiple listings for the same business, it was impossible to gather accurate information.


The manufacturer needed a centralized, scalable solution to manage their reputation and create a consistent brand experience across all of their social channels. Enter Nextiva.

One Platform For Everything

The first problem to solve? Fragmented information.

After implementing Nextiva’s Brand Management Suite, the manufacturer now had one centralized platform to track all of their dealers across the country.

Executives, various business units, and individual dealerships could view custom dashboards to see the information most relevant to them. The brand could even filter by geographic zones, measuring performance and analyzing trends across different locales.

Real-Time Response, 
Real-World Benefits

One of the biggest challenges had been a lack of timely response to customer messages. Customers felt unheard and ignored.

With Nextiva, the manufacturer now had the ability to see every dealership’s reviews and messages in real-time. The platform’s customer service module automated the process, routing different queries to the correct team member and prioritizing urgent requests.

The result? An incredible 98% improvement in customer response time and an 11% increase in positive reviews.

Enhanced Visibility and Performance

Nextiva’s Brand Management Suite also provided robust data reporting, integrated into the brand’s business intelligence via Nextiva’s API and manual downloads.

This increased visibility into operations also allowed the team to track performance at a granular level and create benchmarks for key customer service metrics, such as:

  • Turnaround time
  • Sentiment
  • SLA breaches

The brand could identify what worked and implement changes across their entire footprint, faster and easier than ever before. In a business where reputation is everything, this auto manufacturer could rely on Nextiva’s Brand Management Suite to do the job.

Organizing and formalizing dealer feedback is one of the toughest challenges facing an auto
OEM today. Brand Management Suite not only enabled us to achieve review feedback monitoring and insights for our dealers, but also allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently respond to customers and improve our brand image.

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