How DAMAC Resolves 4500 Tickets Per Month With Nextiva Social & Reputation Management



$2.7 million


DAMAC Properties, a division of the DAMAC Group, is a world-renowned property development company based out of the UAE. To protect their stellar reputation and improve their position in the digital space, DAMAC wanted to:

  • Connect all of their communication channels in one interface
  • Respond quickly to their online reviews
  • Gauge public sentiment about their brand
  • Track their competitors’ performance in the marketplace

DAMAC had a steep list of requirements: omnichannel communication, social listening, and immediate response to online reviews. Fortunately, Nextiva Social & Reputation Management (formerly Simplify360) was up to the task.

DAMAC’s support more responsive and more effective than ever before, giving their customers the quick attention they deserved.


After implementing Nextiva Social & Reputation Management, DAMAC saw an immediate improvement in their support team’s productivity. By connecting their social channels, location reviews, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DMs, the support team could see every brand interaction in one easy-to-use interface. The result? The DAMAC team significantly improved their customer service and helped preserve the company’s stellar reputation.

DAMAC’s team of 4 agents processed an incredible 4500 support tickets per month, while lowering their resolution turnaround time to 24 hours. The omnichannel approach had made.

Nextiva Social & Reputation Management skyrocketed DAMAC’s customer acquisition efforts, as well. After only two months, the team has generated over 1200 marketing-qualified leads and an incredible $2.7 million USD in revenue.

We have been using Nextiva Social & Reputation Management for a couple of months now and we are already seeing the difference. Our ORM team can respond to customers across different channels from one single dashboard using the omnichannel Unibox resulting in quicker resolutions.

DAMAC Properties

Capabilities used

All-in-one social inbox
Listening insights
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