How Canyon Coolers Navigates Extreme Business Growth with Nextiva



Canyon Coolers crafts high-end ice chests for extreme adventurers. Their journey from a garage operation to a multi-million-dollar company has been powered by Nextiva’s robust business phone service.

Flagstaff’s Jason Costello founded Canyon Coolers in 2011 out of a garage. Today the company boasts a network of 500 brick-and-mortar stores. With such rapid growth, the need for a reliable, scalable communications system was paramount to providing outstanding customer service.

Favorite Features: Centralized Communications Thread, Reliable Phone Connections, Simplicity

“We have to connect with our customers. Connection is everything. And Nextiva helps us to do that.”

Costello, also known as “The Cooler King,” says that Canyon Coolers had unique requirements when it came to their communication system. The first was the need for a service that could scale with their rapidly growing business.

Next came dependability. Canyon Coolers prides itself on exceptional customer service, so they needed a highly reliable communications platform that would ensure uninterrupted connections with their customers. Making sure they understand the customer’s needs is crucial for Canyon Coolers to operate.

Finally, due to the complexity of their supply chain, Canyon Coolers had to find a simple yet powerful centralized and secure communications solution that could manage their operations efficiently.

Assessing several different communications systems, Costello found that Nextiva stood out because it delivered the seamless, reliable, and easy-to-use phone system that Canyon Coolers needed.

“Canyon Coolers has an extremely complex supply channel,” says Costello. “Complex systems require simple solutions, and Nextiva is our answer.”

Blending Reliability with Simplicity and Scalability

Nextiva emerged as the best option for Canyon Coolers because it offered the perfect blend of scalability, dependability, and simplicity.

Not only did Nextiva’s services ensure seamless connections and reliable uptime, but it also provided the centralized communication thread that helped Canyon Coolers needed to stay organized and connected with customers.

We foster relationships based on the connections we make and having the best software, the best hardware, the best suppliers. Nextiva has checked all the boxes for us.

Jason Costello

Thanks to Nextiva, Canyon Coolers is ready to expand even further. Nextiva allows them to effectively manage valuable customer relationships, scale operations, and maintain strong connections with their loyal brand followers all from one platform.


With Nextiva, Canyon Coolers has been able to: