How Believe Improved Their Support Response Rate By 40% With Nextiva





Based in Singapore, Believe, Ltd., operates four wildly successful global brands—Zayn & Myza, LAFZ, ZM Labs, and Dr. Rhäzēs. With over 50 support channels and customers all over the Middle East & Asia, the Believe team struggled to keep up with the constant flow of customer communication. Believe experienced significant challenges with their legacy system, including:

  • 2-3 minute delays on incoming messages
  • Manually processing every ticket
  • Inaccurate data and missing messages

Believe needed a modern customer support platform that could handle the complex needs of a multi-brand conglomerate and provide a streamlined experience for their customers.

Nextiva’s filtering functionality weeded out spam messages, which had been a massive problem for the support team. By eliminating this tedious busywork, Believe could focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.


Switching to Nextiva Social and Reputation Management (formerly Simplify360) provided immediate benefits to the Believe team.

Nextiva’s all-in-one inbox allowed the customer support team to manage incoming messages on Facebook, respond to comments on YouTube, and interact with reviews on all their channels from one central dashboard. All of their data was now accessible in one place.

Productivity skyrocketed once Believe implemented Nextiva’s robust and easy-to-use automations. Instead of having to manually process each ticket and give equal attention to all requests, the team created workflows to provide suggested responses to common questions. This allowed the support team to prioritize more complex requests.

This streamlined workflow even provided Believe the opportunity to offer 24/7 support on Facebook. Tickets resolved faster, customers felt seen, and the Believe team was more effective than ever.

We manage over 50 channels for customer support, and with Nextiva it has become effortless to manage all our channels from one place. They provided a streamlined queue management system, so the right customer issues are handled instantly by the right team. The software is also efficient in supporting our day-to-day operations like reporting and escalations.

Supriyo Ghosh,

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Intelligent Response
All-In-One Inbox