Introducing the Next Level Podcast: Anita Campbell

September 28, 2021 2 min read

Jeremy Boudinet

Jeremy Boudinet

The Next Level Podcast featuring Anita Campbell - Listen Now

Where do you look when you want to level up your company’s performance? You likely look to those who have walked in your shoes and conquered similar growth challenges.
As you might have guessed, we’ve launched the Next Level Podcast.
Each episode features business leaders that beat the odds of failure and soared. You won’t find polished luminaries like on other podcasts.
Instead, we’ll bring you the entrepreneurs and experts that have made the big decisions and rolled up their sleeves to outwit rivals and take their companies to the next level. Business strategy, tactics, and results — you’ll hear about it on the Next Level Podcast.
With no further ado, let’s say hello to our first guest.

Anita Campbell

CEO, Small Business Trends

Nextiva customer Anita Campbell is the successful CEO and founder of Small Business Trends, which commands over 4 million page views every month. However, she still likes to refer to herself as an “accidental publisher” because of the way she formed her blog empire into a business she “didn’t even know existed.”
Campbell sat down with Micah Solomon, a bestselling author and customer service expert, to share her passion for the small business community, and how she scaled her company over the last 18 years.

Key takeaways:

  • Use free content publishing tools to build your audience online.
  • Change is the only constant in business – you must anticipate and adapt to customer needs quickly.
  • Use customer data to inform your strategy by understanding who you are serving and what they need.
  • Remember to look backwards and measure how far you’ve come — it’s important to celebrate success!
  • Invest in technology to empower your employees and better serve your customers.

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Jeremy Boudinet


Jeremy Boudinet

Jeremy Boudinet was a senior brand manager at Nextiva, co-president at AA-ISP Phoenix, and a published writer for Time, Entrepreneur, Inc, The Daily Muse, and PopSugar. Today, he heads up growth for Ubiquitous, an influencer marketing agency. He has been giving the people what they want since '86. Connect with him to…

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