Reading a Nextiva invoice

Nextiva sends an invoice to the billing email on file before and on the date of renewal. Customers can also view and print a copy of an invoice from the Nextiva Voice Admin Portal.

A Nextiva invoice includes the following account details:

  • Corporate Account Number
  • Company Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Billing Summary
      • Package Name: The initial package offering
      • Subscription Plan Fee: Price of the initial package offering (per line)
      • Package Add Ons: Total fees for additional add ons (one-time fee)
      • Recurring Package Add Ons: Total recurring fees for additional add ons
      • Credits/Discounts: Credits and discounts are displayed directly under the respective package add on.
      • Shipping Charge: Total fee for shipping and handling
  • Taxes and Fees: Total fees and taxes, including E911, RRF, and FUSF charges
  • Total Charge: Total amount due
  • Phone/Fax Numbers
  • Billing Information
  • Contract Duration (Coming soon): The beginning and end dates of contract.
  • Service Location (Coming soon): The location(s) being provided the service listed on the invoice. 

New invoice coming soon! 👀

Current invoice (sample)

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