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Nextiva Announces NextOS to Solve Business Communications Crisis
New Operating System Unites Communication and Collaboration Tools with Workflow Automation, Empowering Businesses to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Scottsdale, Arizona - November 14, 2016

Nextiva, an industry-leading cloud communications company, is ending the business communications crisis companies face today with the introduction of its NextOS operating system. Unveiled at NextCon16, NextOS enables businesses to manage all customer communication, team collaboration and customer engagement points from a single platform, providing businesses with the transparency and insight to make the right decisions at the right time. With a real-time and holistic view of individual customers, companies can streamline operations and reduce business complexity for more efficient, productive and happier teams, which leads to happier customers.

Most large companies are using upwards of 10 different applications to manage customer communications, creating a confusing and inaccurate view of the customer. A recent Nextiva survey showed just how much business communications impact a company’s bottom line: 53 percent of employees say they would consider leaving their job due to a communication overload, while 63 percent say they are unable to reach weekly goals due to these challenges.

NextOS enables companies to manage internal communications and the workflow of teams supporting the customer, eliminating the need for multiple communication apps and integrations. It can be easily scaled up or down, and the entire solution is completely customizable to fit the needs of any business, from SMBs to global enterprises. NextOS allows organizations to seamlessly:

  • Communicate: Connect with customers through voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media.
  • Collaborate: Connect internally with teams through task management, internal chat, and calendar invites.
  • Engage: Connect with customers through email campaigns, surveys, and other self-help options.

“We are living in the era of the customer in which expectations have never been higher,” said Tomas Gorny, CEO of Nextiva. “While businesses are hearing more from customers, they are understanding less because the information is scattered across different tools that were not designed for today’s needs. This hurts businesses’ understanding of the customer that ultimately leads to churn and missed opportunities to provide added value. NextOS was created to overcome this major problem through a single, natively built platform to communicate with, engage with, and empower customers with an effortless experience.”

NextOS brings a new standard to workplace communication by leveraging powerful workflow automation and predictive modeling capabilities. The system is built on one login, one workspace and zero friction, and the core platform includes:

  • NextDB - The Nextiva database serves as the single place where customer history, relationships and employee information is stored. This provides a complete view of each customer across all touchpoints and in real time.
  • NextIQ - Machine learning and natural language processing come together on the platform to organize and automate information to evolve with your business. The future of work is driven by knowledge and automation, and this is the foundation of NextOS.
  • NextStep - The rules engine of the NextOS platform drives automation across the system so you don’t have to think about next steps. They just happen.
  • Nextiva Analytics - Nextiva Analytics analyzes data from all NextOS applications to connect the dots. Raw data becomes actionable insight for your business.

"Today’s workforce is plagued by a fragmented communications experience that reduces efficiency and productivity. In addition, workers are looking for a more natural user experience when collaborating and communicating,” said Blair Pleasant, President and Principal Analyst of COMMfusion. “NextOS will help businesses unify their communications applications, including external customer communication and internal collaboration, within one interface, while using natural language and AI technology to automate common customer communication and further increase team efficiency."

NextOS was unveiled today at Nextiva’s annual technology and business conference, NextCon. Over the course of three days, NextCon will help entrepreneurs and professionals accelerate growth in their business and will feature over 50 speakers and 40 sessions focused on entrepreneurship, business development, sales, marketing, IT, customer service and operations.

Nextiva is a business communications company dedicated to empowering organizations to manage their communications, productivity, and customer relationships on a truly unified platform. Learn more at

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