Do this and more with Nextiva Teams integration.

Call history

View your call history in Nextiva Analytics. Nextiva tracks calls and maintains accurate call history even if you take calls inside the Microsoft Teams environment.

Call recording

Record calls and access call recordings in the Nextiva portal. When you enable call recording, Nextiva captures all phone calls even as you make them through the Teams app.

Works on any interface

Nextiva Teams integration is embedded directly into the Microsoft Teams UI. The integration works on all browsers and devices, including tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Integration details

Embedded integration

The dialer is integrated directly into the MS Teams interface. Log in using your MS Office 365 credentials.


System requirements

  • No software to download, and no browser plug-in to install.

  • Nextiva Teams integration comes included in the Nextiva Enterprise and Ultimate packages.

  • Nextiva Teams integration requires Microsoft Office 365 E1 license or higher.

Microsoft Teams VoIP integration FAQs

What is Nextiva Teams integration?

This VoIP integration is an embedded integration. It leverages the Nextiva cloud phone system to provide additional functionality within Microsoft Teams, providing access to phone features such as call recording, voicemail transcription, and call history.

How can I sign up for Nextiva Teams integration?

Just mention it to your Account Manager or Client Success Manager. They'll be happy to include Nextiva Teams integration with your account.

Does Nextiva Teams integration cost anything?

The Microsoft Teams VoIP integration is included with the Enterprise and Ultimate packages, and it requires an Office 365 E1 license or higher.

Can I Click-to-Call within MS Teams?

Yes, our phone integration will ring your desk phone, softphone, or mobile app after you click a phone number in your Microsoft Teams instance. Answering your phone will place the call to the phone number selected.

Does Nextiva Teams integration work on all devices?

Yes, this integration will work on your browser, desktop app, and mobile Microsoft Teams app exactly the same way without any additional software.

Does the MS Teams integration work on all calls?

Whether you use Click to Call or your call history to place outbound calls, or take an inbound call directly or from a call center/contact center, Nextiva Teams integration will have the same functionality you would expect on any call.