Do this and more with Nextiva + Google Workspace.

Google Calendar

When engaging with a contact inside Nextiva CRM, create followup events quickly and easily. If your account is synced to Google Calendar, the events will be shared to that calendar, too.

Google Contacts

Search your Google Contacts like an address book. Click to dial directly from your search, and see contact information when you receive an inbound call from one of your contacts.

Add the #1 rated business phone service.

Calendar integration

Use the login credentials for your Google Calendar to sync your calendar with the Nextiva CRM agent license.

Software integration

Download a desktop application to manage your integration.


System requirements

  • Requires Nextiva Communication Suite bundle or Nextiva Relationship Suite bundle for the calendar integration.

  • Chrome browser is preferred.

  • Google Contacts integration is available with any Nextiva package.

  • Software integration available on Windows, Mac, and Chromium OS.

FAQs: Nextiva Google Workspace add-on

The Nextiva Google Calendar integration syncs your Google Calendar with the Nextiva CRM calendar. This allows for two-way event syncing. Creating events on Google Calendar blocks off time in your CRM and vice versa!

If you have a license for Nextiva CRM on NextOS, the calendar integration comes with it at no additional charge.

No, the calendar integration comes free of charge with any Nextiva license.

Google’s notification service will send reminders to your web browser and phone depending on your Google settings.

Calendar notifications work on all devices. The creation and management of events in Nextiva CRM requires a web browser.