Do this and more with Nextiva + Five9.

Place calls without extra charges

Nextiva connects seamlessly with the Five9 platform via a SIP connection. This connection eliminates additional toll charges due to transfers between Nextiva and Five9, and reduces implementation time.

Simple call transfers

Callers can be redirected to the correct skills group in Five9 either automatically or using simple 4-digit dialing, conferencing, or manual transfer between systems.

Unify your communications

The Nextiva and Five9 integration helps connect the contact center to the rest of the business, ensuring that your agents can access the right resources in a timely manner.

Add the #1 rated business phone service.

Cloud-to-cloud integration

Out-of-the-box integration provides a simple setup for the customer.

FAQs: Five9 integration

What is the Nextiva Five9 integration?

The Nextiva Five9 integration is a SIP trunk on-net telephony integration. It allows calls to be transferred between Nextiva and Five9 without incurring toll charges, and reduces implementation time.

How can I sign up for the Nextiva Five9 integration?

Just mention it to your account executive or client success manager. They'll walk you through the rest.

Does the Nextiva Five9 integration cost anything?

The Five9 integration will come on request when purchasing the Nextiva Contact Center. If purchased with the Nextiva Contact Center and Nextiva Business Phone Service, it will be included in your package.

Does the Nextiva Five9 integration work on all devices?

Yes, the integration works on all devices.

Do I need to be on a specific Nextiva package?

The Five9 integration works with the Nextiva Business Phone Service, which is included in our cloud communication packages.

Does the Nextiva Five9 integration work on all calls?

Yes, the integration works on all calls.