Do this and more with Nextiva + Bullhorn.

Call Logging as an Activity

Automatically log activities to calls when you associate a call to an applicant. This will save you time and effort. Add custom notes to each activity, or if you’re in a rush, use the default notes and edit them later.

Manage your tasks and records

From the integration panel, record new applicants, customers, openings, and more. Type notes that will create tasks automatically. NLP interprets words like “tomorrow” or “next week” as dates for your tasks.

Hop into your call with Screen Pop

Incoming calls pop right onto your screen. One click brings up the customer’s or applicant’s record. If this is a new phone number, associate it to an existing record. Do all this before you even pick up the phone!

Integration details

Software integration

Download a desktop application to manage your Bullhorn VoIP integration.

Browser extension

Install an extension into your web browser to integrate Nextiva with the browser instance of Bullhorn.


System requirements

  • Software integration requires a Nextiva Professional or Enterprise license.

  • Browser extension requires a Nextiva Enterprise license.

  • Requires a Bullhorn Corporate or Enterprise license.

  • Software integration requires Windows® or macOS.

  • Browser extension requires Chrome™.

FAQs: Bullhorn VoIP integration

What is the Nextiva Bullhorn integration?

The Bullhorn VoIP integration is a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). It leverages your cloud phone system to provide additional functionality within Bullhorn, utilizing phone features like call recording and call logging as activities.

How can I sign up for the Nextiva Bullhorn integration?

Just mention it to your account executive or client success manager. They'll be happy to include the Bullhorn VoIP integration in your commercial phone service account.

Does the Nextiva Bullhorn integration cost anything?

The Bullhorn VoIP integration will come on request with certain packages at no additional charge depending on volume, but will be available à la carte to all Nextiva cloud PBX customers at an additional charge. It's not available out of the box.

Can I click to call within Bullhorn?

Yes, the Bullhorn phone integration will ring your desk phone, softphone, or mobile app after you click a phone number in your Bullhorn instance. Answering your phone will place the call to the phone number selected.

Does the Nextiva Bullhorn integration work on all devices?

The Bullhorn VoIP integration can be completed with a desktop application or a browser extension found in your browser extension’s marketplace.

Does the Nextiva Bullhorn integration work on all calls?

Whether you use Click to Call or your call history to place outbound calls, take an inbound call directly or from a call center/contact center, the Bullhorn CTI will provide some functionality to your CRM or Applicant Tracking System.