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Nextiva Launches NextOS Platform to Bring Communications & Business Applications to All Companies

NextOS Brings All Communication and Collaboration Tools for Customers and Teams into One Dashboard, Streamlining Work Across the Enterprise
press release | scottsdale, arizona | december 2, 2020

Nextiva (, an industry leader in business communications, introduces the latest release of the NextOS platform, completing its transformation to a true platform company. With the newest version of NextOS, Nextiva will deliver fully integrated communication applications with business software along with AI and workflow automations.

Nextiva is the only unified communications company that enables an open-system in the NextOS platform – a single powerful platform with phone, email, chat, and SMS that brings all communications into one place – and eliminates multiple and fragmented applications. With the ability to add native apps and the most popular third party applications and services a company uses, NextOS brings enterprise-grade performance to businesses of all sizes.

Nextiva is the only company that is unifying business communications and internal communications in one modern platform, making it seamless for teams to work together and with customers.

The NextOS platform’s simplicity for end-users and the IT back end makes it so all teams including distributed staff can turn on and work from anywhere, while the IT integrators can make the process technically seamless.

Enterprise-Grade Reliability and Performance

The distributed workforce requires high-performance communication and automated collaboration. With the NextOS platform, Nextiva delivers a cloud-based system that is faster, reliable, and more secure for today’s business realities. With many communication touchpoints and the ability to communicate, collaborate, and manage in one dashboard, NextOS makes the whole process easy-to-use and intuitive.

“With employees and university members across the Pac-12 region, we needed a system that would allow us to connect with our 12 member universities and our vast number of vendors and partners,” said Steve Tseng, Executive Vice President, Pac-12 Networks. “We will be using Nextiva communication products and Nextiva customer management solutions to help run the Pac-12 better and provide relationship data and real-time context for our staff.”

Nextiva is a platform created to bring communications, business applications, intelligence, and automation to help any business communicate with customers and teams.

“With the new release of NextOS, we are taking big steps toward what we envision for the future of customer and team communication” said Tomas Gorny, CEO and co-founder, Nextiva. “After our internal piloting and onboarding 100 beta customers early this year, we are making NextOS available for companies of all sizes to connect teams and customers on a single platform.”

“Nextiva brings innovative communications and collaboration services to businesses of all sizes,” said Jim Lundy, CEO, and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research. “With all the tools in one place, businesses in a wide range of industries can begin to develop deeper connections with customers. With a performant price model and strong platform, enterprise organizations should evaluate Nextiva and its NextOS platform for cloud-managed communications and collaboration deployments.”

“This NextOS release is our first step - one that sets Nextiva on a rapid innovation path” added Gorny. “With over 1 billion conversations on our platform, our scale gives us the ability to bring predictions and intelligence to businesses. The goal for NextOS is to enable better conversations and smarter decisions for all businesses.”

The New Era of Business Communications:
  • Connect Communications: A single powerful platform with phone, email, chat, and SMS that captures and analyzes all data for every interaction.
  • Deliver Better Experiences: Intelligent tools are at your fingertips. Streamline sales pipelines, manage service cases, and proactively resolve issues.
  • Make Smarter Decisions: Nextiva tracks data from each interaction, so you can make decisions based on their customer impact.
  • Have Better Conversations: Nextiva delivers deep customer insight in real time to make discussions context rich and more effective.
  • Know Your Customers: Not all customers are alike. NextOS tracks every customer’s sentiment, experience and gets feedback about their journey in real-time.
  • Actively Engage: Delight customers by sending the right message at the right time. Use customer journeys to automate personalized messages that scale effortlessly.
  • Automate Workflows: Reduce manual steps to increase efficiency. Deliver excellent customer experiences consistently.

NextOS platform is available for purchase today. For further news and information about Nextiva, please visit and follow our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


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