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Setup and administration
doesn't have to suck.

  • checkmark No technical skills needed.
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An easier way to manage your system.

Don't make administration
your full‑time job.

Automatic welcome emails

Add or manage users in seconds — on one screen.

Send out instant invites via email or manually add users. You also can allow users to set up their own profiles to save time.

Make user management easy

Add tools, licenses, and permissions instantly.

Everything you need is just a click away. Enabling tools and licenses is as easy as flipping a switch — boom it's done.

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Reply faster than ever before
Send friendly reminders

Direct where calls go with a visual builder — it’s fun!

Call Flows direct where calls go when someone calls your business. You can make it simple or complex and change Call Flows yourself in seconds. No need to call support.

See our Call Flow Builder in action
Guided step-by-step setup tours.

Follow along with the pop‑up guides.
Anyone can set it up.

Follow along with the pop-up guides
Guided setup pop-up
Users can handle tasks on their own
Users can set themselves up.

Your team can handle many tasks on their own. Split the workload and get things done faster.

Admins can relax a little.

Admins no longer have to handle every little thing that comes up if they don't need to. Take your time back.

Buffalo Bills testimonial
Orthodontic Experts Ltd. testimonial
Response Crisis Center testimonial
Response Crisis Center testimonial
Response Crisis Center testimonial

Voice setup is a breeze with our revolutionary design.

Practically anyone can enable voice for their business with the new step-by-step flow.

Game-changing simplicity.

Transfer your phone numbers
in less than 5 minutes.

Transfer numbers in under 5 minutes

It doesn't get any easier than Nextiva.

Customize your system

Powerful native tools are here if you need them.

You can make your system as simple or complex as you need. Don't worry, our advanced tools are just as easy to use as everything else.

Learn about Sales tools

One place to manage your communication system.

Get started
Anyone can set it up
Anyone can set it up — no technical skills needed.

Even your grandma could do it.

Step-by-step tips
Step-by-step tips guide you at your own pace.

Always know what to do next.

Your tools. Your way.

Integrate your favorite tools or
use our built-in features.

Nextiva integrates with a ton of great tools like
Outlook, Salesforce, G Suite, and more.

Learn more
Integration with Microsoft Outlook Integration with Salesforce Integration with GSuite
Integration with Zendesk Integration with HubSpot Integration with Oracle

Do it yourself.

It's only getting easier and more powerful as we continue to innovate.

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"We love Nextiva's reliability and features like auto attendant, IVR and call routing. It gives us the appearance of a bigger more polished business."

Eric Siu, CEO
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