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What is a CRM Software? How can it benefit your business communications?

Measure, analyze, & customize the customer journey in real-time.

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CRM Features

Make real customer connections & keep them.

Turn data into actionable information to gain a competitive advantage.

Instantly access historical data to make informed and objective business decisions. You can predict future business outcomes based on prior performance and get a snapshot of your business at any time.

Get ready to transform your business and customer experiences for the better with the Integrated Business Analytics feature.

A single, cumulative score continually updates in real-time. It uses the interactions customers have with your business to form a score, which is visible to employees.

The administrator sets the threshold of what is considered a “happy” to “unhappy interaction.” They can also create "Rules" to trigger actions when the score crosses the threshold.

It allows you to proactively engage with “at-risk” customers and nurture happy customers to create loyal ones.

Take a close look at how every touchpoint in the customer's journey impacts the Customer Experience Score. Gain the insights you need to improve the sales process, customer service, and experience.

Instantly view the data you’re interested in for your entire organization. Easily filter down to specific locations or users to get the reports you need to review business activities.

The more you know, the greater your customer satisfaction with your business will be.

Create Nextiva Custom Reports tailored to your business and say goodbye to spreadsheets.

Learn how well your business is doing in the areas most important to you.

As you will never settle on the customer service you provide, you should never settle on the way you gather and track information about your business.

See the reports you care about most to make knowledgeable decisions about your business and the customer service you provide.

Compare activity data based on user, data type, or period to measure performance. See how well individual employees, locations, and even marketing campaigns are doing overtime.

For the sake of your customer, learn new ways to outperform yourself.

With Nextiva Customized Wallboards, you can display business performance statistics company-wide.

Broadcast real-time information and react to, identify, and resolve issues faster with more decisive solutions.

When you improve your business as a whole, your customer service improves too.

Celebrate the success of prominent performers company-wide and as a result, positively impact the customer experience

Create Employee Competitions

When your business recognizes employee performance using real data, you encourage big wins.

Create daily competitions to motivate and increase employee engagement and to improve employee retention rates.

Sentiment Analysis

The Sentiment Analysis scans communications for words that indicate a positive or negative experience.

Customer accounts are flagged and escalated automatically to address customer issues promptly.

Gamify employee performance and get a clear view of the customer experience.

As a puzzle needs multiple pieces to connect to see the full picture, so does your business.

By having a predefined dashboard, it allows your business to design one-page views that combine reports and metrics — giving you a wide-angle view or the full picture on the status and direction of your business.

You can see how well your company is performing to improve techniques, like the customer support ticket process, sales pipeline, and employee engagement.

Managers and employees can view the current status of other staff members and their availability.

You will see whether an employee is online or offline, away, or in do not disturb mode.

In knowing the status of your employees, you can send customers to the one who can help them “right now.”

When you give customers instant assistance, their satisfaction levels increase.

Add your customers to the directory on your phone and set a primary contact for each.

Reach your customers faster by knowing their preferred contact method every time. You can include secondary contact information, as well.

Always stay in contact with your contacts.

A customer relationship management that enables you to customize your database to manage customer data and to perform the following tasks:

  • Adding New Tables
  • Editing Tables
  • Hiding Tables
  • Adding Relationships
  • Editing Relationships
  • Deleting Relationships
  • Adding Fields

Use the CRM on your computer or turn your smartphone into a mobile CRM, where you can customize, add, edit, and delete relevant customer information.

Meet business and customer needs from any location.

After every customer conversation, add brief records of information associated with an entity (i.e., Account, Contact, Case, Sale, Product, and any custom entities).

Account Note, allows employees to keep track of important information related to the account or contact, etc.

The Account Note feature makes getting to “know” your customer needs easier to do.

It also offers employees opportunities to come to solutions and resolutions for customers, at a much faster rate.

Cases are records of communication about a particular issue or question associated with contacts and accounts.

When an employee receives a phone call, email, or chat, they can open a case to record all the information about the communication in a central location that is accessible by multiple team members.

Employees must assign a priority to indicate the importance of each case and select a status to show the progress toward a resolution.

When you can track and review customer conversations, all in one place, you can start understanding them better.

The more you know about your customer, the faster you can be at finding the right solution for them.

Flag an entity, like an account, to “watch” it for changes. Once you flag it, the system will send you a notification any time the case or contact receives an update.

When watching entities, it helps you track progress and to stay informed — showing customers that you remain in the loop to what is going on with their accounts.

When you have super CRM admin permissions, you can export data to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. This feature allows you to open data in standard applications, such as Microsoft Excel, where manipulation to the document can occur.

The ease of use of this feature makes the process of exporting files to a CSV, as simple as 1-2-3.

Having the ability to export data lets you take care of tasks and create collaborative moments. It is yet another feature available to support the work of team members and deliver knowledgeable customer service.

Add relationship information based on the association to the account with our Link Account Relationships feature.

Avoid having duplicate and unorganized accounts inside your CRM. Keep everything appropriately linked to ensure the location of all vital account information is in one place.

This feature makes finding accounts and contact information easier for employees, enabling them to provide exceptional customer experiences.

See a more holistic view of the status of your business accounts over time with our SmartTopics technology.

Its design enables employees to categorize cases and automatically calculate changes in the account experience score.

You define the backend algorithm that compares a SmartTopic to a positive or negative experience for the account, contact, and customer.

It provides you deeper insight into how well your business is performing based on experiences inside customer accounts.

Take menial tasks out of the hands of your employees and start automating them instead.

You can customize Triggers, Conditions, Wait Blocks, and Actions, freeing employees up to do more actual work, and less busywork.

Create Rules, which are a series of checks, comparisons, and actions to ensure the automation process is set up and performing correctly based on those rules.

It is time to start including social media posts and email marketing automation in your business strategies.

Better time management makes room for better customer experiences.

When communication occurs with a customer, you will want a record of it -- i.e., calls, SMS, or emails.

Keep track of important customer-related details with Call History.

Have a record of the following:

  • Call Type - Inbound or outbound.
  • Date & Time - Record of placed and received calls. It also indicates the date and time the call stopped ringing for missed calls.
  • To & From - The phone number the call was sent to or from.
  • Cost - If any additional costs were accrued during the call, such as international calls.
  • Duration - The length of time for the call, including answering calls or ones that went to voicemail.

Recording customer communications is how you can make the sales cycle better. Have all the information you need the exact moment you need it.

When an employee receives an incoming call, a window pops up on the screen of their device, prompting them to answer it.

The Call Pop window displays the caller’s information, enabling employees to gain a better sense of who is calling.

Employees can choose to click on either the handset or voicemail icon options, to prioritize calls. By having instant access to the CRM data of customers, they can greet callers by their name.

To better serve your customers, you need the best CRM system with features that support you and your team, every step of the way.

When you click on a phone number in a form or list, Click To Dial CRM feature, instantly initiates a call from your desk phone, smartphone, or the Nextiva Mobile App, saving you time.

From your Android, iPhone, or another device, you can capture interactions and make genuine connections with customers at the right moment, which is now.

Keep track of work assignments with Task Management. Stay organized and productive throughout the entire day, to ensure projects are completed on time.

It is features of CRM, like this one, that encourages your team to prioritize projects, hit goals, and delegate tasks.

By seeing the layout of their workload, employees can become better at strengthening their lead management skills and customer relationships.

You do not have a one size fits all mentality and neither do we.

Our CRM solution offers you the ability to customize business pages and forms to extend your brand continuity.

Basic features:

  • Create new forms
  • Modify existing forms
  • Copy forms
  • Delete forms

Never forget, consistency matters to customers.

The CRM software feature, Real-Time Data, let's you view customer information in real-time.

Obtain and examine the buyer’s journey to improve the sales cycle and customer experience.

Stop waiting for your data. Start receiving customer information in real-time to come to resolutions faster.

The Chat Directory shows you a complete list of employees and the departments to which they are assigned within your business.

Some of the key features include being able to know the status of each employee and starting a chat with them directly from the Chat Directory.

Easily locate employees and chat with them to connect customers with the right agent at the right time.

Easily locate employees and chat with them to connect customers with the right agent at the right time.

But, it is different from a group chat.

Although you are sending the same message to several people, at the same time, with Multicast Chat, you create individual threads between you (the initiating employee) and the recipients of the message.

Thus, when the recipient responds, it will not be sent to everyone, like it would in a group chat. Instead, the message is sent to the originating employee (You) as a single chat thread, and only you can view the response.

Give your sales reps, freelancers, remote and on-premise workers, who are included in the Multicast Chat, the freedom to privately respond directly to you.

You do not have to choose between quality and quantity. Free yourself from repetitive tasks while keeping team members informed, productive and communicating.

Streamline internal conversations to provide seamless customer experiences.

Every time you have unread chat messages, you receive a notification as a reminder that customers are waiting to hear from you.

This CRM feature assists you in providing customer support while improving your response time.

Notifications enhance communication and keep conversations organized.

It prevents chats from getting lost amongst the many messages you receive from those reaching out to your small business.

When your sales team responds to all customer chats, in a timely manner, the faster they can meet the needs of your customer.

When your sales team responds to all customer chats, in a timely manner, the faster they can meet the needs of your customer.

When using the Sending Files feature, you can choose to send data to an individual or a group Chat thread. For even easier access, files are also found in Chat History for easy access.

Share essential documents in an instant to continue meeting your business needs. Whether you need to update employees about an upcoming service outage or a current promotion, you can, with the Sharing Files CRM feature.

The faster you inform employees about critical information, the more knowledgeable they will be in assisting customers.

Stay on top of events and organize tasks with the Calendar feature.

Employes can do the following:

  • Features and Tasks
  • Schedule Events
  • View Upcoming Events
  • Customize Settings

When you have an overview of tasks and events, you remove confusion and increase productivity.

Allowing you to put your time to good use and happily serve your customers.

Offer employees the ability to set a specific time and invite others to join in on business meetings. Invitees may include employees within the company, and external email addresses.

Collaboration and unified communications are essential components of running a successful business.

Keeping employees informed helps keep customers happy.

Within our CRM software, employees are able to link between an event and a contact for a follow-up meeting or phone call, for instance.

Event Association offers employees the ability to see the event in two places. By associating an event with an entity, it will appear in the Service CRM, as well as, on the calendar.

Offering you quick and easy access to information the instant you need it.

Enabling you to connect with customers throughout the buying process and even after the sale is done.

Introduction to CRM

CRM, or customer relationship management, refers to the techniques, tools, and technologies that your business uses to nurture, acquire, and retain customers. Oftentimes CRM refers to CRM software, which is the software tool that makes it possible to manage your customer records.

Nextiva’s CRM software for support teams includes intelligent case routing, workflow automation, artificial intelligence procedures, internal knowledge base, and easy-to-use elements that naturally integrate with your Nextiva VoIP account.

Nextiva’s customer service software for sales teams includes multi-channel support, database management, 260 degree pipeline visuals, productivity tools to streamline calling, and team collaboration functions.

No matter how your team decides to use the CRM software, you’ll be able to operationalize your contact management to seamlessly keep track of prospects and customers.

Let us help you set up your ideal CRM solutions, and in no time, you’ll see higher revenue and retention, smarter marketing campaigns, and powerful sales management.

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CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM refers to all techniques, tools, and technologies used by an organization to develop, retain, and acquire customers. While CRM can refer to an act of managing customer relationships, it’s become synonymous with CRM software.

CRM (customer relationship management) software is designed to help your team organize and manage your customer records and your efforts regarding marketing and nurturing of each customer. Both sales teams and service teams can use CRM software.

Common CRM software features include:

  • Customer account records
  • Customer contact records
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Standard and custom reporting dashboards
  • Workflow automation

Companies use CRM for service teams and sales teams. A service team CRM is the go-to tool for when current customers need technical support. A sales team CRM, on the other hand, contains all the information regarding a prospective customer from the moment you capture the lead to when they officially become a customer.

Service CRM helps you deliver excellent customer service. Sales CRM helps you manage prospects and sales opportunities.

Avoidable customer churn costs U.S. businesses more than $136 billion annually. A CRM software can help your business notice trends marking when customers begin to be unhappy – be it increase complaints or failed recurring payment – so you can avoid losing these customers. Some businesses have a long sales cycle, depending on their product, and a CRM software can help your sales team better manage these relationships over time. Plus the CRM software can often send email automations or conduct workflow management tasks to ease the burden on your staff. Avoidable customer churn costs U.S. businesses more than $136 billion annually. A CRM software can help your business notice trends marking when customers begin to be unhappy – be it increase complaints or failed recurring payment – so you can avoid losing these customers. Some businesses have a long sales cycle, depending on their product, and a CRM software can help your sales team better manage these relationships over time. Plus the CRM software can often send email automations or conduct workflow management tasks to ease the burden on your staff.

Your business can make a big impact on customer satisfaction if you have a solid CRM strategy in place. A CRM software will increase your effectiveness since you can automate a lot of the work and streamline both your process and your customer records.

The following features can help increase customer satisfaction:

  • Solve issues faster when you route support tickets to the right agent quickly
  • Respond to customer inquiries quickly with streamlined inquiry records
  • Support customers however they choose to contact you with multichannel capabilities
  • Enable customers to self-serve with an integrated knowledge portal

First, decide if you need a sales CRM or support CRM. No matter which type of CRM you choose, make sure it can scale with your business. You should insist on service data and analytics included in the platform that you choose.

Nextiva’s CRM is available as an add-on with our Professional and Enterprise packages which start at less than $23 per user. See pricing for more details.

The biggest benefit of a CRM system is the ability to keep track of your most critical customer information in a way that is easy to manage, easy to use, and easy to determine actionable insights. Sales teams can easily track sales pipeline, sales forecasting, and contact information with a CRM system, and service teams can see customer complaints, payments, and account info.

A CRM system can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Manage inbound customer support
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Track customer lifecycle data and customer profiles
  • Nurture leads with automation cycles
  • Efficiently manage support tickets with intelligent case routing

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