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Louisville, Kentucky is in the 502 area code in Jefferson County, with an estimated population of 713,877.

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Area Code 502

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Expand your business in Kentucky with a Louisville area code, and use area code 502 to access the largest city in the state. Louisville has an estimated population is 760,000 people and covers almost 400 square miles. It’s located in Jefferson County and area code 502 also covers the state capital of Frankfurt. Louisville sits in the northern part of the state on the Ohio River and is 105 miles from Cincinnati, 114 miles from Indianapolis, 175 miles from Nashville and 263 miles from St. Louis.

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Louisville was founded in 1778 by Colonel George Louis Clark, and incorporated in 1828. The population originally grew around the shipping industry which flourished in the Ohio River that Louisville was built along. The city was important to the Union during the Civil War and again played a role in World War II as the Curtiss-Wright Aircraft Company became a major supplier to the US Government (and later converted to a tractor and agriculture manufacturer).

The late 1990’s and early 21st century experienced economic growth and revitalization in the Louisville area code. The city now sits as the largest in the state of Kentucky and the 29th biggest in the United States.

Louisville, Kentucky is home to three Fortune 500 companies. Humana, a health insurance company, is their highest ranked business at #53 on the list. Kindred Healthcare comes in at #376 on the 2017 list, and Yum Brands, an American fast food company that owns Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, sits at #422. Area code 502 also contains three Fortune 1000 companies. Brown-Forman, a wine and spirits business, PharMerica, and Texas Roadhouse.

Other major industries in Louisville are the bourbon distillery business, shipping and logistics, tech, and manufacturing. While the six Fortune 500 and 1000 companies make up the top six employers in the Greater Louisville area code, the other companies rounding out the top ten are Papa John’s International, Churchill Downs Inc., Almost Family Inc., and Turning Point Brands Inc.

The current unemployment rate in area code 502 is 4.8%, which is lower than the US national average of 5.2%,and the city is expecting job growth of 33% over the next ten years. Additionally, the average household income in the Louisville area code is $45,000, coming in just under the US average of $53,000 per household. The three main occupations for residents in the city are health care and social assistance, manufacturing, and retail trade, and 17% of the population makes over $100,000 a year.

One of the biggest annual attractions in Louisville is the Kentucky Derby, which takes place at the Churchill Downs race track. The city was listed as one of the “10 Coolest U.S. Cities to Visit” by Forbes in 2018 and was also named the #1 city for manufacturing by the same publication in 2017.

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Are you ready to grow your business in Kentucky? If so, tap into the local economy with a Louisville area code. When you purchase VoIP services from Nextiva, you can add area code 502 to your business number, but that’s not all. You also receive powerful PBX features, easy to use software that keeps you in control, affordable prices, transparent billing, flexible upgrade opportunities, and responsive customer support seven days a week.

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