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Our Story.

We are Nextiva.

Our People
Our values.

Caring. Forward-thinking. Simplicity. These are our core beliefs. They drive all of our actions.

Caring. Foundations of caring
Connect closer. Take responsibility. Use your heart and your mind.

We believe that meaningful human connections generate better outcomes for all. We take responsibility for our actions and always aim to have a positive impact — in our services and products, with our customers and with each other, in work and life, around the world.

Don’t let up until the customer is completely satisfied. Listen, learn, take responsibility, and fix it with both heart and mind.

Forward-thinking. Foundations of forward-thinking
Imagine it better. Do it better.

We boldly imagine and build better ways to work, to power human connections, to reveal meaningful truth, and to improve business success.

Even if something works today, it doesn’t mean it cannot be improved. We don’t believe in fixed attitudes.

Simplicity. Foundations of Simplicity
Make it easy. Make it smart. Make it clear.

We strip the complexity out of processes, technology, and experiences to make everything we do as intuitive and easy as possible.

Simple isn’t easy - that’s why we fight for it every day.


Our Purpose.

Our fundamental reason for being. Our contribution to the world.

We help people truly understand each other on a deeper level. Key takeaway
For business, Nextiva brings people closer together by connecting all communication.

In a world where communication channels are increasingly fragmenting— understanding each other is becoming more complicated than ever before.

Technology has the power to connect us, but too often, it pulls us further apart.

Nextiva brings people closer together by bringing all of their communication together.

Nextiva is for businesses and other organizations that want to improve and grow their relationships with the people they serve.

We integrate information from every possible communication source, making it easy for businesses to give amazing experiences to their customers, and empowering their customers to get what they really need.

The more people truly understand each other, the more valuable each relationship becomes.


Our Commitments.

Our unbreakable promises to each stakeholder we serve.

To our customers. Why we commit
Our customers need us more than ever. Understanding every customer - and every employee - is foundational to delivering incredible experiences.

We provide incredibly easy-to-use, flexible, and affordable solutions that empower businesses and teams to completely understand every customer’s needs and feelings. Nextiva’s solutions also help our customers’ employees and partners understand and connect better with each other, so that they can deliver experiences that go above and beyond customer expectations.

To our team. Why we commit
Our people are our foundation. We’re all changing the world together. We need amazing talent in every position at Nextiva.

We safeguard an extraordinary, respectful, open, and creative working environment that rewards performance. We enable personal and professional growth with the freedom to decide your journey.

To our communities. Why we commit
Strong communities are a powerful force for good. Our community enriches everything we do. We surround ourselves with positivity and strength.

We respect the environment and communities in which we operate around the world. We contribute to their well-being, vitality, and sustainability.


Our Brand.

These five traits are inherent and consistently expressed in our product, our culture, our communication, our marketing, and our leadership persona in the media.

Confident, inspiring, breakthrough, visionary, courageous, and energetic.

We are forward-thinking, and we are creating a whole new category for Connected Communications — we think of it as a movement and we are its leaders. We champion the entrepreneur and exist to empower them to be more successful. What we do is revolutionary yet relatable. Bold is the “Amazing” in Amazing Service. The confidence we express inspires confidence in others.

Watch out for

Arrogance. Over-hype. Over-claiming. So visionary that we seem out of touch.

Direct, no-nonsense, no jargon, concise, factual, and easy to understand.

We are real people providing real service. We use simple language, not industry jargon, and no scripts in our customer service. We share the same values with our customers because we have been in their shoes. Simplicity is one of our core values, and true understanding is at the heart of our business and brand, so we work to deliver it in our communication just as we do in our product.

Watch out for

Explanations that use lots of technical terminology, or messaging that’s too reduced and thus over-simplified and vague.

Useful, encouraging, educational, proactive, and wise.

We go above and beyond in our service, so that our customers can do the same. We offer tips, advice, and inspiration to help our customers become ever better at understanding their customers. We are passionate about the positive impact of entrepreneurship on the world—so we inspire others to become entrepreneurs, or intrapreneurs, themselves.

Watch out for

Extending our helpfulness too far beyond the scope of our solution. Being patronizing or overly parental. Underestimating our customers’ own knowledge.

Welcoming, approachable, informal, and understanding.

We are a caring brand—more like an experienced and wise friend than an authority figure. We believe in the human soul of business. We are not about faceless and cold technology, but instead, a solution and a community of real people who deepen human connections and understanding.

Watch out for

Minimizing credibility. Over-familiar friendliness. Fake smiling. Overdoing it.

Clever, witty, quirky, and playful—always a pleasure to engage with our product and with us.

Fun can help take pain away. Fun is charismatic, magnetic, and draws people in. Entrepreneurship is challenging but exciting, and we reflect the sense of passion and fun that is essential to keep business relationships growing. Fun is motivating and creates an environment for creative breakthroughs and better understanding. Nextiva is a brand you want to hang out with.

Watch out for

Lack of professionalism. Offensive irreverence. Minimizing the challenges that entrepreneurs face. Being snarky or sarcastic.

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